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PIR - Passive InfraRed Sensor - for motion detection



something wrong with mouthcontrol and head servos

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Hey guys, 

so im almost done with my inMoov project, but some little bug got in the way.

I got the mouthcontrol working (!), but when i try to initialize the head too, it doesnt work. The mouth control works fine when the head is not fired up, but when i start the head, all hell breaks loose.

I tried to start the head on the right arduion (com5), but the neck servos keep on trying to attach to the left arduino (com4)

InMoov Worm Gear Spotted On 3ders.org

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Interesting to spot an InMoov Worm Gear On 3Ders.org. The article was focused around the release of a new printer the Mamba3D printer. They included some pictures of items that were printed on the new printer.

Just thought it was kind of cool.

openCV not working with Mac iSight camera

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Hi all,

So finally got MRL working on my Mac and the services installing correctly (where do they install exaclty on the local drive?)

I am using build 1695 as the more recent builds error out on the Mac

But now openCV does not seem to be working with my Mac's built in camera (iSight). I set it up so that its Camera=0 and input=OpenCV but when I click capture, the webcam light goes on for a second but then goes off, and nothing loads. All I see is the MRL robot logo in the view area. 

The commandline output just says:

UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCIES errors when installing services

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UPDATE: ok an earlier version of MRL works. I installed version 1695 and it worked. 


I was getting a problem not being able to install the different services, kept getting errors when trying to download. 


Rob Has a Servobration

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Well Rob is having a SERVOBRATION all of his servos came in the mail today along with 1 of his eyes

Thanks Wayne for the braided line it also came today. Rob also says his father will be very busy in the next week printing testing and installing all his new parts.