successful servo repair

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I think this servo was bad before I removed the potentiometer, but I never tested it first and so a fix was the only option since a warrenty repair was out of the queston. The problem was one of the brushes was not makeing contact with the power stud. I reinserted it makeing sure I had connection with my meter. Then added a drop of expoxy to hold it in place, now the servo works great. The real test will be life span.




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ok i did 4 video's, I am uploading them to yotube. the first two were complete failures then the 3rd one connected and ran tree servo's, 4th one is when i tryed to add 4th but i did it after releasing others so maybe that make it go waky?? BIG FAILS


speak swedish

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i can make mrl speak swedish with 


or in inmoov


the problem is the letters å ä ö 

it becomes like this in the google - sv - audrey  folder




is it some settings in my computer or is it mrl

InMoov PC Power Supply & Battery Power Supply with Remote Shutdown

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InMoov PC Power Supply

Pin 53 drives the PC817 Opto-isolator.  This controls the grounding of Pin 14 from an PC's ATX Power Supply Unit, so the power can be switched on or off with a verbal command.


InMoov Battery Power Supply


Firing up!

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OK Grog, lets do this! ; )

You sayeth and it is so [[]]

My Inmoov Parts List and Way of Working

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I only want this Robot to entertain my family and friends. He must talk a lot. Moovement with mouth and head very important. Hand and arm moovement is and exstra. As long as it talks i am happy. If i can Intertain Kids and people i am happy.

I do not want my Robot to say " You Sed " in the begining of every order. Just that part must go.

My setup for Plantoid project... Mechaphytum Animus V1...

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Update on March 2014:

Mechaphytum Animus is getting complicated... Now she has a fan to control temperature and a humidifier to control environmental humidity... I took this recent pic to show that she is alive... A camera and wifi is the next on the todo list...