key chain in cardboard

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i build my key chain in cardboard lol

like i haven't a 3d printer i build it in cardboard lol


i am the king of cardboard !!!!

thank you alex



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Noticed [e-Nable] group has started to look into this for their hands...

Alessandruino bought one, but he said it noWorky .. wonder if it was the same SparkFun model.  

Text to Speech Hack

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These days there are a lot of ways to make a computer talk and having one universal way for MyRobotLab do it would be nice but if you're looking for a hack way of doing it here's an option that doesn't require an active Internet connection but will require some other speech software to be installed on your computer.

I'm using Mac OS X much to Grog's dismay so here's how I'm doing it with 2 lines of Python in MRL.


shoulder ambroise robot

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i dont know if i can driving my motor dc with my arduino?

Rob wants a name change.

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Well a bench full of InMoov goodness. 

I still dont feel so good today though. Rob told me he wants his name changed. 

I very solemly asked him why would he want his name changed.