OpenNi crashes

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Hello everyone!

I'm currently working on arm tracking with openni and kinect (i know there is a built in service but as an intern i must do one myself). My code crashes sometimes and i don't know why, here is how i handle the initialisation and the user tracking.

I feel like this is not the right way, i heard something about some method onLostUser and onFoundUser.

MRL Netbeans

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I have a question how can I load MyRobotLab in Netbeans!

Have it loaded into Eclipse (I like but not working with Eclips).
In NetBeans, it is loaded from Eclipse but he makes a mistake with the REPO folder!
Please help xMike


My New Robot

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To be updated by AdolphSmith

MRL tracking service

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I've been reading up on MRL this weekend, in parcticular the MRL tracking service and the Virtual Arduino:
I have my Inmoov working well so far with MRL 

opencv publishOpenCVData not worky?

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I have this piece of code and expected that my "input" function would get called

I do not know whether this is thought to trigger with every frame captured?

Anyway, in my case "input" does not get called. What is wrong with my code (tried it with 2241 and 2275)?

using offline speech recognition

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Use an offline speech recognition like Cortana or Microsoft speech recognition aand some od microsoft vision and emotion api the use microsoft cloud



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Hello all!

I have recently been looking into some TTS and speech recognition interfaces to borg into MRL. I may have just hit the jackpot!

I found two realistic-sounding TTS engines:

ResponsiveVoice.js and iSpeech

Both, unfortunately, require an internet connection but both are free. Again, unfortunately, neither are open source. ResponsiveVoice is written in JavaScript and iSpeech has an SDK for Java. iSpeech requires an API key while ResponsiveVoice does not. Both support a high number of voices and are both high quality.

DiyServo Service


The DiyServo service is a service that can be used as a normal servo, but it's built from a motor and an analog input. The idea is that you should be able to use any motor and any analog input to byild your own servo. The circuit below can be used to connect the motor and the servo to a single Arduino. But it's also possible to configure in alternate ways. 





Face tracking + Face reconizer

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Is it possible to have in the same data package, the coordinates X and Y of face and the person name reconizer ?

The aim is to make the FaceTracking and reconizer in the same time.


What To Borg ?

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Mats has this cool I2C temprature sensor - just needs a tiny MRL driver.

What thingies do you have which might be Borg'd ?!