InMoov Service support for I2C based servo controllers

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While the MyRobotLab is very versatile with the types of controllers it supports, the InMoov service is not.

It should be possible to add support into the skelletal sections to allow for differing controller configurations beyond the standard arangments.

For example:

One user may be using an arduino with I2C controllers in each arm.

Another user may be running a Raspberry Pi using the I2C bus the run servo controllers though out the robot.

Newton is waiting for DL4J

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Newton is waiting for DL4J !!! Inmoov CUDA ready :D


What's Left For Manticore Release ?

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Ahoy !

I'd like to know what we need to focus on to get Manticore release done.  There has been a lot of really great work put into this, but what things need to be tied up before an official release ?

This is the Project Page.

OpenNI and InMoov Arm

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This is a great demonstration of nicolas taguet's work.

JapanExpo - in Paris

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Cool video shared by our Moz4r who brought Rachel ! 
J5 apparently uses Mrl too Yay !

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This is a post to accumulate information regarding WebRTC.

WebRTC is the realitively new concept of peer2peer (like) connections from one browser to another.
On a low level it uses session management and websockets to exchange data.  Typically, it seems to use a extremely simple relay or proxy server.  This allows potentially any browser to talk to any other browser through NAT traversal. 

Lidar Lite distance measurement and creating point cloud...

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I recently ordered a Lidar Lite from Sparkfun... This is a very capable distance measurement device, a laser rangefinder  in a very compact form and is also relatively cost effective... Pulsed Light company  first carried out a successful Kickstarter last year and now the device is commercially available... Link to manufacturer: 

Cascading Detach

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This is a post to explore the possibility of a "cascading detach".  This is when a Service is released from Mrl and is currently attached to other services.  The goal will be to release the service as cleanly as possible, and in the process notify other Services it has been released.  Potentially, this notification will "cascade" into mutliple detach calls to successfully remove the target Service.

Setup - Here is setup of the problem - ***Mats can you add to the script? to get the initial setup?***


OpenNi crashes

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Hello everyone!

I'm currently working on arm tracking with openni and kinect (i know there is a built in service but as an intern i must do one myself). My code crashes sometimes and i don't know why, here is how i handle the initialisation and the user tracking.

I feel like this is not the right way, i heard something about some method onLostUser and onFoundUser.