IPLimage stream from java

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 I've got a working attention system trying to merge with myrobotlab but it needs iplimages from opencv and the whole setup is written in c++ need to be able to stream left and right eyes need to know how to stream to a c++ program

sync multiple movements

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I remote control MRL with a python task using the REST API of MRL.

Seen that  "moveToBlocking" also works with the REST API so my program waits for the movement to finish - GREAT!!

But how can I initiate multiple movements and wait for the last one to finish?

32Bit Lenovo Pad Issues

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I have MRL running on my laptop and pad both are 64bit, both work. Found a Lenovo pad, 32bit, and can’t seem to get to work withMRL. Says needs 64bit jm3 file. Any help would be great. 

javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException In Java

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To get the sraix functionallities working again I was playing with the metasearchservice searx's API. I made a maven project (yeah I guess) in eclipse and managed to get the right http libraries to do the get request and I got an OK from the Testlink that comes in the documentation of org.apache.http.HttpEntity;. When I try to enter the searx API I get an javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException.

Yolo With Myrobotlab

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Thanks to Dom and Anthony, Here is what I've done :



Ask the robot what he can see, capture a picture with opencv, launch a yolo detection on the picture and results are exported to a text file. Robot can now just read the text to say what he can see :D

MrlComm arduino compatibility

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I've just tried to compile mrlcomm for an arduino Leonardo and here is the result :


w10 mrl hibernate

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I use a w10 laptop as mrl executor. I use remote control on my "main" pc to start and control MRL.

I notice when the laptop goes to hibernate that after wakeup I see arduino messages exchanged in the serial monitor but the robot has somehow lost the connections to the servos, they do not move.

Not a big issue, I can restart MRL after each hybernate and it works again as expected - just wondered what could be the reason for it and whether it could be resolved without a new start of MRL.

Manticore install

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When we install Manticore, i have lot of http error 404 not found. Why ?

After install, everything works, but this message is strange. Before, in developp branch, i thought it was due to the cleaning of the files.

Thank you.


Stuck with MouthControl

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I'm writing a service based on InMoov and I'm a little stuck with MouthControl.

An Arduino and jaw Servo get created in InMoovHead. But then when MouthControl starts it too creates an Arduino on the same port and creates a jaw servo.

Could someone help explain how this works please? I can't get the jaw to move Myrobotlab complains the "jaw" does not exist.