Difficulty installing ant,

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Is ant necessary, or can it work using normal command line installation? Looking at the Ant website, it doesn't seem to have Linux instructions.

Update: I think I found it, though it's not very straight forward.

Even when trying to run the java app directly I get this error:

http://Error: Could not find or load main class .home.sarah.Downloads.myrobotlab.jar

Got my page up,

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Sorry if it's not exactly pretty, I tried tweaking it, but I didn't realize how powerful HTML is.

Question about motors.

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I think I might be getting lost on what powers a servomechanism. In this context, would it need a direct power supply, like a wall plugin, or would it work with a battery?

As someone who has never worked with servo and step motors.

Also I could make this a forum topic if preferred.

This is an amazing article!

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Thanks to the person that recommended this: http://myrobotlab.org/content/making-zimbo-emotion-emoji-little-self-reflection

This was able to help me refine a programming solution. It greatly simplifies (and yet paradoxically make it more granular) how to how programming emotions: I guess this is why certain emotions seem weirdly similar to each sometimes.

Wasn't sure if this should be a forum topic,

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Is there any particular reason the web search in something like an android would use duckduckgo, or could it be configured to use your own instance of Yacy?

I run my own local instance for places I visit.

Slight beginning to Robots, started with ChatBots,

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BIANCA Repository



BIANCA as a code breaker and chatbot.

BIANCA is still kind of a newish project, though I suspect it might diverge slightly. She is being built to break simple ciphers (not industry professional ones), and have simple English like commands to carry on simple conversations.

Servo ServoControl ServoController and Confusion

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Servo Attach Bug

Thank you Mats for pointing out that a servo controller name should be work as well as a reference

I caused a bug by removing

servo.attach(name, pin, position)

And I removed it because it was never defined in the ServoControl interface.

Load and Save

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I've added (save, save all, load & load all) menu times.  My usuage typically starts from eclipse IDE - so its very different from using the UI all the time.  Gael is helping me with some cleanup (already fixed up Arduino oscope & pins) ..  

Oscope Improvements

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(Virtual Arduino Uno)

(Real Arduino Uno)

Kwatters & I have have been pounding together unit tests - in the process I noticed Oscope in Nixie was bork'd - so I fixed in .. and improved it.