MRL install loop

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There is a question asked by Luis R in the InMoov forum about how to get started. He follwowed the instructions from here:

At  6/ Click START_INMOOV.bat and wait a little

Quick Speech Test with MyRobotLab

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Here is a quick tutorial to play with speech synthesis in MyRobotLab.

Step 1 - install Java
Make sure you have Java 8 on your machine, you can download it from here 


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I re-nstall a new PC. But with openNi, i have this problem:

ODROID-C2 plus a 1T SSD Hard Drive and Myrobotlab

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Hello Everyone,

Kind of new at this even though I made my account a while ago.

I wanted to know if anyone has tried the new ODROID-C2 and if they where able to get myrobotlab working on it? I believe the OS is Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on kernel 3.14

rtsp in opencv

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how to connect an ip camera (h264) to inmoov via rtsp?


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A few months ago the way published method customMsg works is changed.

Who can explain - or show me some sample code - how this method works in the latest builds?

In other words; How can I send and receive info to and from the arduino not supported by mrlComm?


Jan Janson

Speech problems Python

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Hi Guys
I just started writing for my InMoov python script and behind the language background bell it all the time. what can you do about it?

Kinect One on a Mac

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Hello everyone.

I am trying to install a kinect one on a mac to make it workey on myrobotlab.

I have a few questions.

Does someone knows how to do it?

Does installing libfreenect2 is enough?

Thank you, for your time!