w10 mrl hibernate

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I use a w10 laptop as mrl executor. I use remote control on my "main" pc to start and control MRL.

I notice when the laptop goes to hibernate that after wakeup I see arduino messages exchanged in the serial monitor but the robot has somehow lost the connections to the servos, they do not move.

Not a big issue, I can restart MRL after each hybernate and it works again as expected - just wondered what could be the reason for it and whether it could be resolved without a new start of MRL.

Manticore install

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When we install Manticore, i have lot of http error 404 not found. Why ?

After install, everything works, but this message is strange. Before, in developp branch, i thought it was due to the cleaning of the files.

Thank you.


Stuck with MouthControl

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I'm writing a service based on InMoov and I'm a little stuck with MouthControl.

An Arduino and jaw Servo get created in InMoovHead. But then when MouthControl starts it too creates an Arduino on the same port and creates a jaw servo.

Could someone help explain how this works please? I can't get the jaw to move Myrobotlab complains the "jaw" does not exist.


Still struggling

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Hi All,

I don't get chance to play very often so I am making slow progress.

I am building an InMoov with a slightly modified head and extra Arduino. I tried to write my own Myrobotlab service but couldn't get it to run. I was then sent a snippet of code that should have re-mapped my jaw servo onto the new Arduino but despite many hours I couldn't get that to work either.


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Manticore final version is it released ?

In download part, we found Lamiak but not Manticore.

Very good works.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Goodbye & Good Luck Manticore !

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Manticore Released !

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays ...  

Thanks to all the many good elves who made this happen.

The community here is a wealth of learning, fun and friendship.

How to Fix* Sraix for ProgrammAB

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At the moment there are a lot of personal assistance functions of ProgrammAB wich does not work anymore. As an example: image searches or weather forecasts. The reason is that the ask.pannous API seems  not to function correctly anmore. Pannous has another API which can be found here in the following link, but it is not free or atleast requires a credit card for a subsription even for the 100/day free requests: https://market.mashape.com/pannous/jeannie

Initial servo position after new start of MRL

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My torso.topStom potentiometer is not at it's perfect middle position but very hard to get to it for adjustment. So I thought I could compensate that with a mapping that has a slight offset to one side.

These are my settings:

Input MAP: min 80, max 100
Output MAP: min 66, max 86

When starting up MRL my topStom however leans heavy to it's left side. When I look at the servo tab of topStom the position is shown as 90 degrees. Moving the slider manually to 89 and back to 90 the servo jumps in and moves the upper body to the wanted upright position.