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My kinect intégration.

BodyPart service for a flexible skeleton ( poc )

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Almost cooked, this is very inspired by InMoov service, for a universal service, for the next InMoov service...
Kwatters pointed the interest to use a tree to identify the skeleton. I have no more cofee, but I learned cool things!

Image result for tree java

What is the goal

Video/webcam support on Windows and Linux/Rasp Pi

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Hello, it's James from XRobots here ( ) !

I've been aware of Myrobotlab for a while but never tried it until now - I didn't realise how versatile it was!. So I'd like to use it for some projects in my YouTube channel which need speech and vision recognition and integrate with Arduino - so it's ideal right?!

Language - so important, so many options, so much confusion - what to do ?

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Yep, the tower of babel ..  
We live in the age of Information and Information Exchange...  humans are spongey and adaptable and evolve communication all the time ..

And if everyone is using different interfaces ... how can we understand ?

Default female voice has a lot of static and disturbance

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When i start mrl on the TX2, the first robotic speech is very clear, but as soon as it switch to the normal female voice i get a lot of static and disturbance, what could make this happen ?

Deeplearning4j / TensorFlow / OpenCV on Jetson TX2

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Ahoy guys 

Regarding Deeplearning4j / Nixie / Jetson TX2

Status update on Willie:

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  Willie has reached that station in his life where he can stand on his own feet. he is essentially complete physically and is running pretty well if the voice recognition will work consistently.

BORG Assimilation Hit List

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Here are some amazing software projects which warrant being assimilated into MRL !  RESISTANCE IS FUTILE !  

Please add your favorite open source Java project to the list as a comment !

Who's up next ?

JHLabs - visual BufferedImage filters -