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Hi All,

Inmoov work fine on the PC tablet.

I want to test the same version of mrl (1.0.2336) on my Mac, but the .bat don't work on mac. Can you explain to me how i can do that ?

Writing Native Python Services




Ubuntu computer (only Linux is supported at this time)

​This is a tutorial on how to write MyRobotLab services in Native Python.



For now, limited Java experience is still required to create a proxy service, but this may change in the future.

Basic knowledge of Linux and virtualenv is required, Google those if needed

Knowledge of the Python programming language



Firstly, install MRL as a dev environment, as explained in the Getting Started tutorial.


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I have some problems with HTTP API:

When i send this:

(It is for my domotic system)

I receive this:

can we use Hindi language for voice command

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first of all thanks to Inmoov Team and Mr. Hairy Gael Sir.

Can we translate the voice command in  Hindi language.


supported_languages = { # as defined here:

content Hindi language .But it is not written in script.

Also let us know if we can add hindi accent.( like Ryan in english)

InMoov Python problems

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I have the file of Gael on my InMoov rewrite!

The bots in ProgramAB/bots/maWebKit/aiml copy

And gestures in ProgramAB

how to play mp3 file on voice command

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Hi  Inmoov Team,


pls. let us know how to run any mp3 file in inmoov script.

thanks and regards.



pir sensor with a Mini Maestro

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Hello All

can someone help me with a sketch on a mini maestro. all im trying to do is detect motion with a pir sensor and  start servos to move in a mini maestro sketch wiring the sensor is no problem nor the servos The problem I have is how to add the sensor to the sketch, Im not sure how to identify the sensor or how to write it in

any help would be apreciated

2nd leg video

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On the first leg video I used Makeblock 37mm 12 volt DC motors bought at Radio Shack
 when the stores closed. The gear motors were 12v with 4.5 Kg-cm rated torque, 
50 rpms. They were hooked to a Parallax DHB-10 motor driver board.  The newest 
leg video I changed the motors to Actobotics 116 rpm @12 volts from Servo City. 
Rated torque 11.5 Kg-cm., 100 rpms.  These motor are faster, have more power, 
and have encoders.  The Parallax motor driver board I used supports encoders.  
The black parts are printed in Matter-hackers nylonX at 30% fill and the 

MrlComm and the importance of Auto-generated Code

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Ahoy !

When you have maintain the same message structures with different languages, it sometimes is advantageous to GENERATE CODE ! rather than write it.

MrlComm has messages we want to be encoded and decoded in both Java & Arduino C++, and perhaps more languages or encodings.

So we make "One Document To Control It All" -> arduinoMsgs.schema