Hybernating and waking up MRL?

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Running MRL on my laptop it takes quite some time to start up all the services in MRL.

If my laptop hybernates (w10) the servos and maybe some other stuff too will not work any more after a wake up, so I have to terminate and restart MRL

Could MRL be modified to survive a w10 hybernate and reconnect everything needed?

InMoov Script

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In order to add new gestures to the own InMoov, I wanted to use the GestureCreator tool. 

I started  START_INMOOV.bat and opened the Creator manually (command capture gesture is not working). When I say "load script) it gives me "X not supported" instead of my gestures. 

How can I get my own script with my limits that I can run in the GestureCreator?

Thank you for any help!


Chang language

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Good morning, I'm starting to design my inmoov. I would like to know if it is possible to set Italian as a language.

Buongiorno, sto iniziando a progettare il mio inmoov. Vorrei sapere se è possibile impostare come lingua l'italiano

Took Robo to the Beach

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Robo had a fun time going to the beach. A little hard to maneuvering, but mostly smoothe sailing. Vision in both eyes and some routines brought smiles

Just some Robot P*r.n

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Think this one is new, Ray, Bartol and Brezel_59, hurry up: 

Deep Learning, unable to load DL4J in OPENCV service query

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Hello everyone, 

Hope you can help and sorry if is a stupid question, I followed the post http://myrobotlab.org/content/deeplearning4j-opencv-and-real-time-object-recognition      , and I had copied and pasted the code in the link to the python tab of MRL and executed and then MRL goes to non responding mode, below are the error messages, 

have I missed something? or need to download something for this to work? the laptop webcam lights up and then MyRobotLab freezes with messages below..., 


Willie is O K!!

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   Ta Da!!


  I put willie back together this morning. His arm wen't just fine. I printed one of the adjustable (rotatable), square potentiometer holders and used it. That had it's own issues of course, (freaking itty bitty screws), but after having replaced the shoulder drive gear and reinforced it with washers and epoxy to keep them from wanting to pull through the thin material of the cylinder and a few other minor non-standard modifications his right arm is hanging properly now and seems to be working well also.