ProgramAB with GoogleSearch

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Added a little to the MrlSriaxHandler, because all Pannous request seemed to end in errors.  It would be nice to switch to Apache's Open NLP and have it hit Wikipedia or a local Wikipedia index.

OpenNi problem

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Hi!, so I've been building an Inmoov and so far It's been great but now that I'm trying to make the Kinect work with it, it doesn't.

When I use the commands to start OpenNi and start capturing I get an Error. The Kinect is working, I tested it with the Kinect Toolkit and even with standalone OpenNi.

I tried installing and uninstalling drivers, renaming folders in the libraries but I just get the same error everytime.

I'm on Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

This is the error:

Hello my name is PI

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My builder is printing more of my parts. Today my power converter and battery showed up now I hope I have enough power for my servos. Here are a couple of selfies.

Now search results with images !

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Images are now published with description in the GoogleSearch service.  A SearchResults is a combination of texts, images sources and maybe in the future urls, and confidence perhaps or other ratings of relevance.

Ear Brain Mouth ... what could go wrong ?

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Default behavior with just ear and mouth attaching produced a simon says without a brain.  After cutting the message route from the ear directly to the mouth and putting a brain in the middle ... it  seems to work.  Since programab pannous stuff seems a bit borked I'm gonna work on wiring up google search to it.

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I hope someone can help me iam using wyzworks pla and nothing I do will print the retaction towers with out looking like swirled up ice cream cones but the flat base under them or anything bigger than mayber 10mm prints perfect it's got me stopped on my eye mech.  The pic is best my webcam will do pla occurs at any temp and retraction makes worse 60mm/s and 50mm.s speed

protection for Azul

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a light saber which is on thingiverse but needed a light

it's something fun to print, especialy for you that have kids

printing all the parts takes around 18 hrs.

I am still working on the legs, but needed a change as progress is very slow

Quick and dirty recipe of GoogleSearch using some JSoup :)

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Quick and Dirty ... but possibly fun and useful little service GoogleSearch .. its a Text Publisher and is pretty good with the impressive NLP - heh I find it amusing and rather nice that Wikipedia turns out to be the source of most of the answers... BooYa ...