Setting up I2S Microphones on the Raspberry Pi 3 for NOOB's

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If you are using the Raspberry Pi 3, one of the option is to use I2S (Inter-IC Sound) Micropones
This is diferent to I2C which  is for the control of devices and will be covered at a later date.
If you haven't already i suggest reading the Installing MRL on a Raspberry Pi3 for NOOB's

Problem with Tracking Service

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I have a problem with tracking service in MRL. I uploaded the last available pyton script (.txt attached below), but i have errors like this:

Traceback(most recent call last): File string line 16 in ModuleAttributeError: org.myrobotlab.service.Servo object hs no attribute as setPin....

Someone can explain me how to proceed or can provide me with an updated pyton script?


deprecated speed settings

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Realizing how many script lines we have that use set<xx>Speed I thought of a workaround for the deprecated speed setting.

I am replacing all "i01.set<xx>Speed(...) in all py files with a call to set<xx>Speed() function.

I have added gesture files named set<xx>Speed for the parts that look like this:

def setArmSpeed(side, b, r, s, o):
  i01.setArmVelocity(side, b*15, r*15, s*15, o*15)

where 15 is the maxVelocity of the sub parts.

Problem with arduino service

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I have a problem with arduino service as reported in the image attached!
Someone can help me?

Installing MyRobotLab on Raspberry Pi

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I have seen in the InMoov forum that a few people are starting to use MyRobotLab in Raspberry PI, so I will share what steps I went thru. I'm not going to rewrite guides that already exists, but I will link to the instructions that I have used.

The first step is to get an operating system installed on the Pi. I installed the latest ( Jessie ) Raspbian using this giude:

Desperately seeking ideas re: large build-area, cheapish 2nd 3D printer

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It's come to my attention that my excellent Flashforge is not cutting it in the legs department. The build area is just too small for legs and other larger projects I'm contemplating. 

I don't want to spend mega-bucks on a second printer at this stage.  

Can anyone please suggest/warn about any 3D printers they've used with large build areas? I would like a fairly reliable one with a build area around 280mm/300mm cubed or larger. Preferably with a heated build plate. One extruder is okay.

Why this bot no worky? (Been away again)

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I have tried to run this chatbot on Windows with Chrome (no inMoov connected). I duplicated the Alice2 bot file and called it "ghostchat". When run this in MRL it opened webgui but threw an error. I modified nothing in the swinggui. Should I have? Everything looks different in there to what it used to when I last used it.

Fred InMoov

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Fred InMoov is built using two Raspberry Pi 3 with a planned third one to be installed.

Servo Control is done using a PCA9685 Servo Driver in the form of a raspberry Pi Hat from Adafruit Industries located on the top of top moths RPi named Fred_1, This is then conneted to 3 other PCA9685 Servo Driver as stand alone boards, one located on the back, and one in each bicep.

Located in each forearm is a ADS1115_16B_4CH_I2C_ADC again from adafruit industries. This allows for 4 of the 5 finger pressure sensors to be monitored.

Indian hindi Text To Speech

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This is testing version of IndianTTS service

Here a sample test


I have some problems to get my official API key ( free or paid ), better is to ask them.

So is is what I done waiting information, you need to open source code of the page and find API and USERID information by searching

variableConfig.API_host keyword : Error

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If I run on Mac OSx crach myrobotlab! (Terminal sh
MRL 1.0.2386
Here the log file