RoboJ ventures into the forest

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It was a nice trial run to get RoboJ into the woods.  Good thing, Robotics has put me into pretty great shape.  His suspension is so damn strong, I'm in awe as he took a real lickin and kept on ticking.   No head popping off, no broken fingers, nada.  Putting steel into the neck was a real charm, make him strong and free from harm :-)   I cannot believe the obstacles he took on, dragging a robo into the woods like a 'foolish moron'  Next time, we go, motos and steering will ease the go....


Some tabs lack user interface,

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I was wondering if there was any way to install them?

Side note: I'd love if there was an actual books or step by step web tutorial on how to set up one. Though that might be a wile as it seems a new project.

right and left hand rotate servo and bicep servo moves continuously in clockwise

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Hi core team,


We are facing problem with the hand assembly. 

The Rotate servo and bicep servo moves continuously in clockwise for any command.

is there need any calibration of position of the servo and potentiometer. 


thanks in advance.

Can't run Python service

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I'm currently trying to use MRL to make somes test with Inmoov. The problem is that each time I launch MRL, I have this message : "could not create service python Python". Unfortunately I can't execute any code with the python service.

I tried to relaunch the service and to reinstall MRL but I still have this problem. The others services seems to work, I already used serial and servo.

ESP32 > Air Trafic Control Plane Tracking using OpenSkyNetwork API

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Here is an early look at a system I am putting together to prewarm me of any special/unusual aircraft that will be flying in my locality.

The system uses a few different protocols via the OpenSkyNetwork.

InMoov with Jetson Nano, Maixduino (Maxheadroom), and ESP32s

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Just started printing out the head where I'll utilize a Maixduino, with stereoscopic eyes and a 6+1 mic platform, for its brains.

Further plan to use the Jetson Nano with its 132 cores as a master talking to the Maixduino and ESP32s (as remote local controllers).  One each ESP32 to control, hand/forearm(x2), Leg, Torso. 9DOF processor for stability, and air quality sensors.

Trying to build it so I don't have wires/cables hanging everywhere, all I have to do is route power.

I'm also thinking about an inductive charging system.

Interesting to see other people work

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Here's kwatters

He splits  the UI apart with undock in the script and uses the Servo mixer .. nifty !
I made undock and dock but never setPosition(x,y) or setSize(width, height) ...
Would be nice to have the new configuration auto-magically generate that script.

EPS32 "Life is Life" (Conways Life)

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Here is a test of a flexible P4 RGB LED 64x32 matrix screen.

My trusty "Conway's Life" program was used as the test culprit along with a variant of the

adafruits P3 matrix driver Library  (arduino/mega/etcetc)

ESP32 P3/P4 matrix driver Library

Jetson Nano: Vision Recognition Neural Network Demo

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Link worth saving from the shoutbox.