InMoov Touch Sensor (Full Bridge Strain Gauge)

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Here I present a "Touch Sensor" for InMoov's finger tip

Its uses a Full Bridge Strain Gauge circuit, this consists of 4 resistive strain elements and an instrumentation operational amplifier.

Basic Full Bridge :-

[1] Two active elements (one placed on top surface , other placed on bottom surface)


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I can't compil new MRL with ANT. Why ?

Do you have another process ?

Thank you


Servo calibration

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This is now worky for testing, what is the goal :

- One place for servo settings and calibration process ( mapping etc ... )
- Share settings automatically ( or not ) between differents script



The Cookie Factory - aka deployer

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Ahoy !
In order to provide a stable platform and continuously build the new Nixie release of MyRobotLab I made a new Nodejs application called the "deployer".  The source code is posted on github.  

New MRL Networking System

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Hey y'all

This is just me trying to organize my thoughts around the new networking system so I can figure out the best way to implement client libraries. First thing I'll be doing once this system is finished is to update mrlpy and to create a C++ client library, using the information here, so if anything's wrong feel free to correct me.

could use some help please

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I would like to use the 2nd serial port on the mega in Azul. The mega currently is used for the left arm and head servos, but the 3 serial ports on the mega are not being used. How do I set the baud rate for say TX2 on the mega. I don’t need to receive any data on TX2 but want to send serial commands out. Can someone post an example to set the baud rate and send a text string out the port. The mega is already setup by python in the Inmoov routine, so the commands should be in python.

Kinect 360 Google Chrome and WebKitRecognition

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Hello, hello, hello,
I personaly do not use the mics of the kinect, but someone on the InMoov forum is having the same issue.
So I am reporting an issue regarding using the microphone of the kinect 360 with Chrome and Webkitrecognition.
Using the Kinect360 with Windows10, SDK 1.8, MyRobotLab 2693,  gets a "no microphone found" in Chrome.
Although the kinect microphone is correctly detected and selected in Google Chrome.

Setting the deep learning ui to start within myrobotlab

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I've been reading over the dl4j documentation over the past couple of days, not the easiest for me - coming from matlab and tensorflow. My java is many years in the past..

Has there been any thoughts to following: and having the training/visualisation ui start up upon initialisation of dl4j in opencv?

The example model for zoo is sub-optimal for a lot of objects..