Lloyd, an evolved InMoov for Telepresence and Augmented Reality

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It's been a goal of mine(ours?) for a long time to have a proper telepresent InMoov.  I believe Lloyd is that.  There is a new branch of MyRobotLab called "lloyd" based off the develop branch.  This is where I'll be continuing work on my customizations without breaking horribly things that are already working.

MRL erfolgreich installieren

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Liebe Leute! Ich habe ein riesiges Problem.

Can azure translator work with inmoov?

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I launched the azure translator service. Based on the example code -  it works!
But which way I can  run  translator to work with inmoov?
When I change  language in the ear service,  the phrase is correctly recognized in a given language, but it is not translated into English.
I would like that the phrase to be translated through the azure service, to english language and then it can be further processed by AIML ...
is it possible?

Share the config directory

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Is it possible to share the InMoov config, chatbot directories  between two different versions of mrl (e.g. stable and beta)?  

sleepMode.py imagedisplay is not defined

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I have this error when he go to sleep, I sent no-worky

  File "C:/mrl/Nixie_1.1.269/InMoov/life\sleepMode.py", line 55, in sleepModeSle
NameError: global name 'imagedisplay' is not defined


OpenWeatherMap service - JSONException: JSONObject["speed"] not a string

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Hi guys,

I am happy to return to MRL after a long absence. I noticed a number of new functions. Well done! and I am happy to try to use them. As the first functionality, I try to use the OpenWeatherMap service and noticed a small problem. In the log there is an exception when processing the response:

Audio delay

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  Alex (nee Willie nee fred), has decided to grieve me. when he talks the audio is not audible until one or two seconds after it starts. Things like " I asked another robot" come out as "another robot".

  I havae no idea why there is a delay. If you do please let me know. This is irritating.



freenect-glview vs mrl

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freenect-glview image

capture gesture malfonction

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hello ...i have built the left inmoov arm and hand, it is connected to myrobotlab via usb and connected to the nevoboards with 6 volts power supply... i start a existing simple hand.py with voice comand ...everything works fine exept for two things i dont understand:

FIRST ::when i says a voice command like : close your finger (it is for the hole hand)

inmoov just say : closing my finger ,,and then closes is fingers ...that is good ...perfect

for all actions...finger to the middle ,,,open ,,,,close...rest...relax...