Moving 3D model with JMonkey in MRL

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Last week I manage to get a 3d model of InMoov taking the position in synch of my InMoov. So let me explain how I did it

I start with the VinMoov model that Gareth post some time ago. Unfortunatly, I did not manage to be able to move it's armature (or did not found how to do). So I try something else

in Blender, I disasemble the VinMoov and saved each robot part that represent my DHLink in IK individually. I modify the part slightly so the origin of the part (rotation point) is at 0,0,0. I then export the part using OGRExml exporter.

I Love Serializing

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Not that kind of Cereal.  
Serializing is when you squish information into a tiny stream of 1s and 0s.  The great thing about it, is it allows you to send this information over little pipes and wires !   You can move information around. You can make things change remotely. What are we waiting for ?

DIY Gamecontroller / Joystick

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Today I tested if it ws possible to use the small esp8266-01 together with two i2c boards to make a gamepad. It worked pretty well, except that I need to figure out why the response is slow. Probably due to the rest API, but it could also be some waiting for the A/D conversion. 

Things are looking up

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I had some problems and burned out an omo servo a while back. It was locked up so that meant I had to take the whole chest apart. Major hassel so I was unmotivated and didn't work on it. 

I mentioned it in the shoutboox and Mats gave me a suggestion. Don't just replace it but do an upgrade. Make something better in the process so it is moving ahead in stead of just reachieving what I already had.


[Inmoov Script] Merge Them All !

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[WIP status] :

- gestures integration
- Spanish translation
- Automatic attachement/detachement with the help of autoattach()
- Chatbot corrections


Because standardization is the key of great things this base community script is born.

Stepper motor service?

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I want to experiment with stepper motors as an alternative for some servos in my InMoov robot.
Searching on gives me some messages about this subject and I even see messages about a stepper-service in MyRobotLab that for some reason is no longer supported.

Can somebody tell me why this stepper-service is no longer supported? Is there an alternative? Are there any plans to pick this up again?


Testing uploading MRLComm from new Swing GUI on Windows

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Hi GroG

This is the error I get. The Arduino IDE shows the spash screen and then stops with this message:


IntegratedMovement service visualized with jmonkey

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I have replace the drawing with mesh. I still have to do some adjustment as the movement seem to be a bit offset but progressing



MRL 1.0.1943 - Servos

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In previous versions (1.0.1723) I had to use setVelocity(0) function to make my servos (HK15298B) working properly (very slow). In version 1.0.1943 setVelocity doesn't work, and without this function my servos are very slow.

Note: Arduino softaware gives a compilation error for MRLComm.ino because of type issue.

MRLComm 38 not MRLComm 55 expected ?? Do I need a specific MRLComm for MRL-1943?

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Hi Greg and everybody

I  have now installed MRL 1.0.1943 and I now have voice responses working !! My microphone finally working and chrome pages looking really good. MarySpeech talking back and answering away, telling me the time etc .