news from Sweety

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Hi everybody,

I'm working to make Sweety printable . You've already saw the new head, here is the new arms and hand :

This part hold the five servos (9g) for the fingers .



Install problems on 1843

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If you try to install MRL on later versions you will get this type of error and the logfile will fill up very quickly. 
My logfile went to 1.5 G in just a few seconds.
16:45:23.670 [webgui] INFO c.m.f.Service [] subscribe [python/p
ublishState ---> webgui/onState]
16:45:23.795 [New I/O worker #7] INFO c.m.s.WebGui [] POST /api/m
16:45:23.796 [New I/O worker #7] INFO c.m.f.Service [] subscrib

marySpeechUtil error

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I get an error in eclipse for the file,
Invalid character constant    ->    /myrobotlab/src/org/myrobotlab/maryspeech/util    line 592   

If i've right , this line :

WebGui like MrlComm

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Ahoy Mates !

It's good to be back on the "develop" branch.... :)

random gesture with indidvidual loops

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Just an exemple on how to give some human moovement like


Main script i have 

randomGesture = True
if randomGesture:
    randomEyeLid = True


in gesture python scripts i got:

Minimal script working servo are not working

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Hi All, I have now managed to get the Arduino to talk to MRL properly, I can run the minimal script and the audo works fine, the Arduino flashes away but the servo refuses to moves. I have the control pin on PIN 3 of the Arduino as suggested in the script, the Sliders do not operate the server either. Tried several servos, what do you think I am missing here folks - Thanks


any RSS feed script

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some  rss feed script for myrobotlab? I found this script but I do not know what library is added

My Activator project

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You can see my project here :

For the moment, Activator arduino software is based on MrlComm version 40. I modify MrlComm.cpp and .h

Diyservo like Poppy

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Hello I'm the guy with my Verbot IA chatterbot. But this is not the subject here. I would like to use almost everywhere normal engines as indicated in this demo.

MRLcomm issue 43

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In the last version (43), i not found GetCustomMsg function.

getCustomMsgSize() exist.