Oh Baby

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But, in reality - most people want their robots to preform less foreplay ...   

(hurry up, just charge me up !)  

Steel is awesome

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RoboJ is going ATV mobile with his new suspension frame.  Just have to add the shocks and E300 razor scooter motos that arrive on the morrow :-)  Yes, that is his custom bow for launching his grappling hook which will put R2D2 to shame.  :-)

startPeers() .. a cool method - but no one is ready ...

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I created a new method call startPeers() .. it recursively starts all peers (so peers of peers too).
The only rule you have to follow as a Service devloper is 


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I think I now understand some of the complexity moz4r was trying to deal with in Servo.

setAutoDisable is a great function, and it has saved many Servo lives from blue smoke and 21 gun funeral salutes

But with autoDisable comes a "new" servo State.  

ESP32 Into the Matrix - WebServer - realtime interaction with NeoPixels

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Here is just one implimentation of using the ESP32 as a WebServer.

The example uses an ESP32 as a Webserver to service a Webpage which contains a matrix of switch buttons. One GPIO of the ESP32 controls a string of 100 Neopixels arranged in a 10x10 matrix just like the Webpage.

By clicking the mouse on the Webpage matrix an event sends a HTML header back to the ESP32, this header contains the position of the button pressed, which in turn toggles the particular Neopixel in the string.

Servo Gui Questions

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More ServoGui updates, also notice the (save, load, refresh) buttons on the top right.  I got tired of having to start a python service and doing a  :

Same goes for load & save.

If speed control is selected the regularly disabled speed settings are enabled.  500 is the default max & default start setting.

My Page

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[ about ]

I am a science fiction and fantasy writer, who also dabbles in Ruby programming. Currently learning ChatScript, and eventually InMoov.

I am currently on:


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Artificial World or Artificial Intellegence?

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In certain pre-development projects, they have a virtual robot instead of a regular robot. Would the habit of creating a modular virtual wold be a habit I'd need to get out of? Because that's been the general approach I've taken with Ruby.

Basically I construct the AI as if it were multiple programs that operate co-dependantly, with them able to be bug tested individually. Then ends up creating more a world environment, and not so much the intellegence in their own right.

Why The Right Semantics Is Important,

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I've met tech people on social media websites, that have this idea their concept of how tech works is gospel, only for them to reveal themselves not having basic programming distinctions:


A hash index (also called a codebook), creates a dictionary of things.


a = {

  "A" => "1", "B" => "2", # And so on.



Wanting to adapt a chatbot project to InMoov,

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Going to see about maybe implementing chatscript with python, I definitely know this has been done.