Source of MRL 1803

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Hi, Is it possible to have source of MyRoboLab 1803 ?

Thank you.

Mostly Human ... heh .. right ...

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So many short blurbs come to mine.

Peers, Tweaks & DNA - but were afraid to ask...

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This is probably long overdue, but I'll try to explain how to tweak DNA (Descriptions of Neighboring Autotoma) 

The head arduino is created inside the InMoovHead service.

can I replace the Arduino Mega's with Arduino Due's?

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I have read that Arduino Due die when getting 5V signals.

Any hints how I can use a Due instead of a Mega in my InMoov without causing smoke?

Install services from a local repo

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The question is in the title : Is it possible to install services from a local repo ?

My mother lives out of the city, and her internet speed is very low. I've installed MRL on her computer to show her my robot. I've just copyed my folder MRL at home and paste it on her computer to avoid the slow download. And i thinked " To have a fresh install, it could be nice to be able to install services from a local folder " .. So i ask ! lol

And it can help to install MRL on many computer at home without donwload each time all the repo.

Compile MyRobotLab

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Hi, Is it possible to make a tuto to compile MyRobotLab ?

Sorry but the readme file it is not enough.

I download ant and i put the path --> OK

i download ivy, but where can i put ivy ?

I download myrobotlab and repo and i put together in d:/dev --> OK

So i have:

d:/dev/myrobotlab and d:/dev/repo --> OK

You can see result in my file.

Thank you



InMoov Service help wanted

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I'm looking for some friendly help to modify the InMoov services :-)

I'd like to transfer all the head/neck functions to a new Arduino board mouned in the head. I thought this was going to be simple, just pass the new port to the head service and it will create the new Arduino service that all the servos can be attached to, but it doesn't seem that simple?

I can't find where the Arduino is created? I can see that the InMoov service keeps a HASH list of Arduinos and port numbers, but can't quite see where the Arduino is created.

Path for MyRobotLab.log

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Is it possible to make a path file for myrobotlab.log ?

I would like to put this in the ramdisk.

And, what's about MicrosoftSpeech ?


Build 2023 where is MrlComm.ino file

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Just installed build 2023 (latest) to try testing with it.  I was looking for MrlComm.ino and friends to upload to the Arduino, but that used to be present in the resource/Arduino/MrlComm directory but there is no resources directory in teh 2023 installation either on Linux or Win10.  And a search of the directory tree for 2023 doesn't yield anything.


Was this an accidental omission?  I'm using the version from build 1.0.2020 which was the newest I had before downloading 2023 and at least for the servo service that one appears to be working.

My InMoov frustrations

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I am trying to create my own InMoov services - or at least modify the existing ones. This is because I used Mats InMoov head which works a little differently to the "standard" InMoov.

I started by creating brand new services based on InMoov - but that just produced so many errors I didn't know where to start.

Next I loaded MyRobotLab 1.0.1723 (Kraken) and that runs fine standalone - but I can't modify it.