Arduino pin reading - improved

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Increased "real" hardware serial porting reading 50% when reading and 95% when idle.
Here you can see reading 5 traces from a real Arduino Mega uses only 37.7% cpu (previously 100+%)



PID Visualization

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Hi there. I wonder is there any way to visualize the PID Graph (Like the change over time) when Inmoov is tracking?

Pass through Voice

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Is it possible to pass through a conversation via MRL to Inmoov. Basically I would like to wear a headset and talk freely and the sound come out of the INmoov speaker and the mouth move accordingly.  Rather than pre-record a conversation. This way I can be innteractive with a group of people etc.

Problem Creating new chatbot in programAB

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Good day


Can some please assist me, i am trying to create a new chat bot in ProgramAB.

When i tipe the name of the bot which is in the folder together with the test aiml file it

says error core not loaded.

i followed a tutorial by Kevin Walters posted on youtube a few years back and

i presume alot have changed since then.


gestos inmoov

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no se como ejecutas gestos con swinGui

Error uploading mrlcomm.ino to arduino

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Hello Guys,

I am posting for somebody that has an issue uploading the MRLComm.ino to his Mega Arduino.

He seems to encounter the same pb on a Mac and A PC. Any suggestions when looking the error log?

I can't think of a solution.

Here is the link to our conversation:

MRL Distributed Connectivity Updates

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Hi this is a really quick picture of the progress I'm having. (not checked in yet)
But here I have an example of 2 MRL processes connected together, and the webgui UI showing the interleave of services.

MRL Tab Colors

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Does anyone know if it is possible to select colors for the tabs in MRL.  I would like to group limbs of the InMoov visually.  My eye sight isnt like it used to be ;)