First test of Kwatters brand spanking new DruppNeck service :)

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It's alive and moving, but needs some debugging.
Doesn't show up in Service GUI yet and when called from a script it tries to download the DruppNeck service (Download popup).
If i do a manual, and the neck points straight forward and is level, but if i do a neck.moveTo(0, 0, 0) it will move a bit to the left and "Roll" a small bit to the same side.

version 2 legs

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I started over on the legs. Learned some of what not works on the first set. New legs: the black is nylon-X, blue is ABS, gray is aluminum. I bought a Tormach CNC this summer and have been making some parts out of metal. Lots of fun and lots to learn. The gears and shaft couplers came from Serrvo City. I am still using RoboClaw motor controllers. There are 6 motors on each leg. 3 for hips, 1 for knee, and 2 for ankles. For the main support I used 1 inch square alum. (80/20). All parts are in CAD, Autodesk Inventor.

Check Arm with force sensor.

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Check arm with force sensor + HX711.

Time of Flight >>> Rounded Corners !!!

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I placed the Sensor rig into a cardboard box just to get a feeling for the data.

This is two passes of the probe, so you can see the slight variance in data.

Overlaying the raw data for 180°.... this was with GIMP so its just approximate

all looks kinda good except Hmmmm.... rounded corners cannot be explained...

another scan with DVD's :-

help showing pictures in forum

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I have never mastered moving pictures to my form posts in MRL. It seems I need a drive to save them to and then post the link to the picture of that drive. If I save pictures of my new legs to my google drive. How do I post them to the MRL form. What is the of the statement or link I need to add? Or is there a better way?

thanks, harland

Help neeeded

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Please I need help with my InMoov, 


everything was working ok until recently when I started my start_INMOOV but myrobot lab get stuck with this message from the command promptsnip


Point cloud anyone !!! maybe 3D scanner

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Its scanning, the stealthy Dual Time of Flight wiring was a soldering pig to execute (or should I say "Exterminate").

Data is flowing.... at momo a bit strange 200 Steps = 360° (until microstep instigated giving theoretical 1/16 steps ermm if my maths is correct 3200 Steps for 360° however at the price of speed)

What to say if not "Oh my God"

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Alex , they beat you to the dancing bot :)

inmoov eye cam vs yolo

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hello ...i am building INMOOV and ,,i am starting the eyes installation ,,and i already bought a LifeCam 3000 HD Microsoft for head traking,,,,,the question is : should i buy and install a second cam for YOLO aplication for objects recongnition,, right now