BoofCV point cloud

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A small demo of using BoofCv to combine the depthmap and the videostream to get a realtime pointcloud.

Kinect Frames

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kinect data replayed from saving "frames"


kinect capture with frames on a computer with a kinect sensor

ServoControllers vs Arduinos for InMoov

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Ahoy ! 

Locally I have changed all the references from Arduinos to ServoControllers in InMoov.  This was done because of the refactoring I did for the JMonkeyEngine service.  I think its the way InMoov should go anyway, and it has been a place of difficulty for builders who do not use Arduinos.

My question is - should I commit these changes now ?

This might mean :

Filter fixes ...

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Speed test with FaceDNN filter

my project update

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Hey everyone just thought I would give everyone an update on my attention system.  As I have been working on this I have had to climb one hill after another but Iam making progress I have made to camera grabbers one that does a standard cart type image the other does a logpolar type image the logapolar help me to overcome some identification issues and vergence on the eyes it allows me to give it more normal eye movements color segmentation, color processing, face detector, blob detector, hand detector, optical flow, and face tracker are done.  I still have quite a bit of work to

Force feedback BLDC actuator

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I added force feedback feature to my BLDC actuator.

For this first test, I use a 20kg load cell and HX11 amplifier connected to my arduino pro mini.

Kinect360 MRL Linux

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Bonjour a tous,
je reviens sur ce sujet pour utiliser le Kinect360 avec MyrobotLab sous linux ubuntu64.
J'ai un mrl qui tourne V1.0.2693 avec lequel tous fonctionne (bras torse reconnaissance vocal etc..), mais je n'arrive toujours pas a utiliser le kinect avec OPENNI.
J'ai installé drivers Kinect , NITE , OPENNI (V1 et V2), j'arrive avec les examples a utliiser le kinect et faire de la reconnaissance, mais pas dans MRL.

LattePanda Alpha and MyRobotLab

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Back in February I back a Kickstarter campaign for what was described as a Single Board Computer with the heart of a Mac Book For the level I supported this set me back around the AU$500.  The campaign was successful, however production had a number of delays,  the result was Thursday 9th of Nov, I received a package containing my brand new Latte Panda Alpha.  Interestingly enough the site that was supposed to show tracking info when it was shipped still did not list that it had been shipped.

changing gestures without a complete restart

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Hi all, my build continues.

I have now reached a usable stage and am using the robot for my political campaign here in Australia.

However I have a couple of questions you may be able to help me with.

1. I can't work out how to add a new gesture file.

I can create one by modifying an existing gesture but can't make it be recognised by mrl so I have been just modifying the "about" gesture and using that.

2. Can I easily restart MRL to have the modified file take effect without restarting the whole robot?