Robot Security, Internet, Viruses and Hackers

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Hello All,

I have been thinking about my robots security and how I have seen people hacking into cars and driving them away. I have also seen how many people are connecting their robots to the internet to ask what the weather is, what the sports score is and so on. Plus they now passed a law that allows IP's to sell your privat info. And lets not forget about the Cloud it's out there some where I don't know.

So the question is do I really need or want my robot to be connected to the internet or wifi?

Raspberry PI + OpenCV on latest

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So, it seems like the upgrade of OpenCV to version 1.3 has busted the OpenCVFrameGrabber on the RasPI3.  Where, I don't have a fix for this issue yet, I do have a work around for the problem.  Here's the steps to get OpenCV working on the RasPI3 on the latest build  (until we sort the javacv 1.3 issue.)

made leg that was on Thingiverse

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I built the leg Thomas Mindach put up on Thingiverse.  Still needs work, but having fun making it.


MRL install loop

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There is a question asked by Luis R in the InMoov forum about how to get started. He follwowed the instructions from here:

At  6/ Click START_INMOOV.bat and wait a little

Quick Speech Test with MyRobotLab

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Here is a quick tutorial to play with speech synthesis in MyRobotLab.

Step 1 - install Java
Make sure you have Java 8 on your machine, you can download it from here 


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I re-nstall a new PC. But with openNi, i have this problem:

ODROID-C2 plus a 1T SSD Hard Drive and Myrobotlab

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Hello Everyone,

Kind of new at this even though I made my account a while ago.

I wanted to know if anyone has tried the new ODROID-C2 and if they where able to get myrobotlab working on it? I believe the OS is Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on kernel 3.14