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a nice way to get everything in place and mrl running.

my problem with it? whenever I run the bat file it reloads/overwrites my private servo settings in  the InMoov/config folder.

My question therefore:

how can I maintain my own adjusted config files from version to version?

I know, I could create my own folder and do my changes there - but then I can't use start_inmoov.bat anymore.

I could probably set my modified files to "read only" but that makes it a bit complicated for adjustments.

What I would like?

ImageDisplay Service


ImageDisplay is usefull to open local or remote pictures, and render result to screen...




Database Service



wrapper around jdbc access :

This service will be usefull for connecting to databases.
Tested with script bellow, to connect a mysql database with a simple select

database.executeUpdate : // return int

database.executeQuery : // return ResultSet

database.execute : // return boolean



OpenNI, kinect power

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Is it possible to switch off kinect for power safe, then switch ON when it is neccessary ?

This an example, but doesn't work:

Behold Auto-Magic Elves & Humans Working Together !

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That's right, humans can now use and play with the service script at the bottom of every service page.

Mrl not starting

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I have changed that BAUD rate, Set Virtual to LeftSide, and uploaded the code from the IDE, but the MRL is not booting beyond this point.

Plantoids almost there! $71.00 to go !

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Sorry for the shameless plug, my friends, but if I could ever ask for your aid, it is now. 

Mail Service



Mail service is usefull to send emails using SMTP protocol ( ssl or tls )

Follow the syntaxe in the exemple, bellow :



Robot-Gurus Meet @ Eiffel Tower

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Ahoy! Great Picture of Our Illustrious Robot Gurus @ Eiffel Tower !  
Sipping coffee, and occasionally glancing at their mobiles for new build numbers, git issues and using octo-print remote to see if their latest part has printed.  :D - the "Service Page" script !!!

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Ahoy !!
We've done a tonne of work !  Close 50+ bugs (

But wait there's more !  ... We've made better documentation, now all our Services Pages which document our MRL building blocks have an auto-magically linked Python example at the bottom ... called "Examples"