Kinect wiring for reference

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Found a nice wiring reference of the Kinect - since I seemed to have misplaced my power adapter - but have lots of usb cables and a 12V supply... I'll roll my own..

Reference :

OpenCV: something wrong with my data xfer into Arduino

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The data getting to the Arduino from the script is apparently in a format I'm not expecting. I've tested manually with the Arduino.serial interface, sending various values.

azul running some of Gaels gestures

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every gesture was done using WebUI from a remote computer

if you watch the attach gesture you will see the mouth start to work and then stop

Sill a newb ... having trouble with a NameError 'serial' is not defined

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I got this 3 yr-old code for OpenCV to track a face and send the coordinates to an Arduino. I've confirmed that my Arduino is using com3. But as stated above, I'm getting a Name error telling me that 'serial' is not defined and so won't establish a connection to com3. I'm way too inexperienced with MRL to know how to chase down the serial function, so I'm asking for help.

Doctor AIML

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Hi friends ! I spend a lot of time to check aiml files. I was thinking I can create an algo that can do the job for me.
This is a tool that check integrity and more of an aiml set.
( It is very beta )


AIML tools :



I'm a newb and need help with Python imports for Opencv

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Hey everyone! Excellent site! I'm a Python/Java newb in need of help. I just installed the current MRL and the latest Java (9). I tested the Opencv face-tracking on the GUI interface and it tracks my face fine on my built-in laptop camera.


Esp8266_01 Service


The Esp8266_01 service can be used to connect any of the i2c devices that exists in MRL to an ESP8266-01 or any other variant of ESP8266.

An ESP8266 is a small WiFi enabled device that comes in many different variants. The variant I have tested  is the ESP8266-01. The Esp8266-01 service acts as an i2cController, so any i2c device can be connected to is. So now we have: 

Wireless servos using Adafruit16CServoDriver

real mouthcontrol - audio signal processing

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This post to talk about the best way to use audio signal processing through mrlcomm protocol without additional arduino code.
I've done some test it worky so great!
It can be enhanced to be standardized more about voltage input, I hope so. An idea?



Esp8266 Service


I think Arduino is trying to do macro's with D1...D13 mappings.  The pin numbers are different from what is "usually used" as int values for pins.

Here are the mappings for the Esp8226 board

For mine LED which is usually pin 13 == 14 on my D1 board