jMonkey Engine 3.0 doesn't work

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Hello everybody,

I have got a problem with starting myrobotlab.

SwingGUI is OK, every services start OK,

but jMonkey Engine 3.0 doesn't work - blaсk window witch is not responding.

I tryed start in two other computers, but the result is the same.

What can be the cause? How to fix the error?

I have sent log by "no-worky" service.


Open Pose Demo

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Very impressive video of Open Pose processing.  Towards the end the go into the algorithm stack.

What kind of madman am I?

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Now, before I get any further, I'd like to know exactly how bad of an idea this is.

how can we use regional INDIAN language's in customized voice

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Hi Core Team,

How can we use regional Indian language's with customized voice ( like Hindi, Tamil, Gujrathi , Marathi , panjabi ).

how can we add any typical speaker voice or our own voice for TTS.

also  it should trigger by perticular voice or perticular person voice. (if multiple people talking it should trigger  by perticualr person's voice).

Thanks and Regards



to synchronize alexa / google ok with inmoov for voice recognition

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Hi core Team,

can we use alexa / google ok device for voice recognition and synchronize all movements of servos.

if any body has done or performed pls. share.


Inmoov contactor cable connections

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Guys i have been tring to make the finger sensor for my inmoov arm but i have recently run into a problem. So i am quite a newbie at these things so please help me out. Do you know where should i hook up the contactor cables? I know its in analoh but where? I am using an arduino mega does anyone have a test code for it?

Thx a lot

Cannot open in Arduino IDE

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When I start an Arduino runtime service in MyRobotLab I am given the option of opening it in Arduino IDE.  I have an up-to-date version of Arduino IDE on my Macbook Air running MacOS Mohave 10.14.2 but MyRobotLab doesn't seem to be able to find it even when I browse to the Applications folder where it is.  Arduino IDE is a .app file on the Mac, is there a way of ensuring that MyRobotLab is looking for .app files.

Any help would be appreciated.


Localhost refused to connect

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I have just started to try to use MyRobotLab/Inmoov for the first time.  I am using a MacBook Air running macOS Mohave 10.14.2.  I have recently downloaded an up-to-date version of Java and have Chrome as my default browser.

I can start MyRobotLab by double clicking on myrobotlab.jar and it seems to open fine - I have installed all the runtime services.

However, when I run the shell I get a number of errors before java crashes.  The first of which is that when a Chrome window tries to open with the address:

Blender - simplified path to MRL

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There are Giant Androids in the City !
It appears that the process has gotten more simple, and it might not be necessary to use jmonkey sdk when converting the pretty common blender format files into j3o format.  Many 3D image warehouses 

Installing MRL / OpenCV, JavaCPP on Jetson TX2

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This is specific for the Jetson TX2 and may not be helpful to people running on other development boards...

First off the Jetson TX2 comes with 30GB eMMC for storage and most of it is used up.

I was able to add a 500GB SSD as the boot drive which I will cover in another blog post.

The one I am using currently has Ubuntu 16.04 running on it.

This was a minimal install so there may be things that you have already loaded.

Before this I was able to load MRL but OpenCV did not work.

I needed to install a few things...