Get ready for walking!!!

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Hello again to all, I belive that most of users are waiting for leggs.
I'm working on legs about 4-5 months, and the project is in 85% done.
Here it is what I'm done:

Kinect One with MRL under windows

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OK guys,


This is how to use kinect one with Open NI under windows :

just download this driver :

and copy it under this directory : root:\MRL\libraries\native\OpenNI2\Drivers\


Launch the Open NI service :

MRL Next Release - Manticore !

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Manticore is becoming organized here 

Manticore Release

Thanks Shaun for pointing the github project out ..

(Image from talented artist  kikicianjur-d384nro @ deviant Art ! )


So we all are on the same page, we are headed for release.  This is the "short list" of worky one-click requirements.

My 3D printed omni-directional mechanum wheels for Ghost the inMoov

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I've made 4 of these, from ABS, with the Flashforge 3D printer and hope to make them work on my inmoov, 'Ghost'.  

My view

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MyRobotLab is a formidable programming tool but it is becoming more and more heavy due to the high level services such as InMoov and it will soon become InMoovLab.
MyrobotLab must be a tool to execute scripts in python language. It must manage the low level.
There should not be any high level services such as InMoov, Roomba, etc ... because it freezes the programming of python scripts and you can no longer program as you wish.

More cool stuff from Festo

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Very cool stuff from Festo ..  First time I heard them say ROS (what?) :)



Simple compressions joints ... very cool

MyRobotLab Coding Style

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Keeping track of changes is difficult enough.  Merging differently formatted code makes sad monkeys !

If you use eclipse, we have a file which will make eclipse do the myrobotlab "standard" formatting.

Here it is ! ->

[JME] subscribe service

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ohh today I'm lost in deep mrl.
I m sure someone here can help me to do a clean thing.

Curently playin with vinmoov to use it as a optional main read only interface.

I started to add some functions to update things from an other service , it is messy, I think I can optimise that.
What I want is access published informations from other services in realtime.

In most case from python or I use with success :


but inside InMoov3DApp I cant


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I would like use kinect with OpenNi. Do you have more example than :

openni = Runtime.createAndStart("openni", "OpenNi")
Do you have documentations ?
I would like move my bot with skeleton recognition. Is it possible ? Do you have example ?
Thank you


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I am needing help understanding the HTTP API. I am trying to develop Bash scripts to control MRL in order to help with remote debugging and system management, but I am running into problems regarding the API. Using this command:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d "{\"service\":$1,\"method\":$2,\"data\":\"$3\"}" http://localhost:$MRL_PORT/api/messages

MRL simply holds the connection but does not execute anything. I tried using the example JSON with this command: