leap motion

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ive been a bit out of picture but now im back!!! 

Im at the moment trying to use leap motion to control the myrobotlab! does anyone have a clue on how to do it? i know have been done in the past!


Even if it doesnt work anymore with the changes on MRL what is the best way to implement information from an outside source (leap) into maybe the python interface? Could someone throw me a hint <) thanks alot



Harder Better Faster Stronger - Is the InMoov Script Ready ?

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Are we ready to package the latest InMoov script from here  https://github.com/MyRobotLab/inmoov 
as part of the build process so they will continue to grow in sync ?

what is the state of servo controls

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I know this has been changing. What is the correct way to adust limits and scale a servo. I am using 1723.

I am using

marytts add voice

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tried to make things run but do not understand how I can add another voice than "cmu-slt-hsmm" available. Trying to select "dfki-pavoque-neutral" as voice throws the exception "no such voice"


VoiceRss Service


You will need an api key from http://www.voicerss.org.  Quality is good. Its has slow responses, but the files will be cached.  Do not know what the max message length.


Thank You moz4r / Steve for making and contributing this Service !

ESP32 Google Maps API

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Here is a quick guide for extracting satellite mapping information via a simple ESP32 Web server.

Requirements :-

(1) Espressiff's ESP-WROOM-32


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Hi everybody,

The service is HS.

Adding coyright And empty sound file




salut tous le monde,

il semble que le service est HS .

Ajout de coyright

et fichier son vide

SwingGui updates... Search For Service - cuz time is precious :)

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We want to find our service quick !  So many services now, who has time to scroll ?
Now in the SwingGui - Search !  (honestly should have done this years ago ;)

Servo Joystick & Arduino seem to work over a remote connection now (mostly) - BoardInfo & DeviceSummary were not serializable (fixed)

The NASA give access to a lot of their software for free !

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Maybe some code can be usefull for our robot. I've quickly had a look and i saw some java files :D

By exemple this https://software.nasa.gov/software/ARC-16368-1A , link to sourceforge where we can grab the source code : https://sourceforge.net/p/robotapi/code/HEAD/tree/com.rti.dds.target/

Here is the link with all downloadable softwares sorted by category