My InMoov (Fred-X) failure so far

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Per instruction I opened Start_Inmoov.

I selected the python service and pasted in to it the script for INMoov_Hand.

I edited the script to use com 9 which had its port speed set at 115200 and which appeared in the device manager ports list The Arduino IDE ports list and the Arduino service ports list.

I selected execute with the microscopic execute icon and ... nothing. except a report that port 4 was connected and happy as a lark.

Question list.

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So I want to start using python scripts to get multiple servos or groups of servos to act together. At this point I have some questions as to how to go about that. I have run "myrobotlab" by clicking on the icon and by starting it from a command line. I am NOT a command line kind of guy. I only resort to it when absolutely necessary, or when someone gives me those directions and I have not yet discovered that clicking on the .exe icon does the same thing.

3 axis foot on leg

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Added servo to be able to turn feet, so now each foot can move in 3 axis. Video looks blurry on YouTube didn't when I took it. Need to make movements smoother and add code and wiring for IMU on feet. Should be able to turn either left or right.

As if from a Sci-Fi movie ...

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Had to post this because ... well, frankly .. its just plain awesome


Tracking + Yolo service

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This is a small video to see Yolo and face Tracking service in the same time:

I use cam eye left for Tracking and cam eye right for Yolo.


InMoov Service



- Presentation

- Full program setup howto





Fred-X's current state as of 02/04/18

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This is the current state of my InMoov from the Front. Parts are being printed for the rest of him.

Freds back with his covers in place.




My InMoov

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This will be my first blog entry. Likely I will post mostly pics... I hope.

This is the state of my InMoov as of Feb. 3 2018.