MRL on Quad core UDOO

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Update 2014-04-16 Afternoon

Ok after eating lunch and troubleshooting out loud in the shout box I figured it out and made it WORKY!!!

OpenCV ScoreBoard

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      Current OpenCV ScoreBoard

System  Worky/No-Worky Comments tested by borsaci - 

Brain Storming post about kinect and kinematics

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Pic of the way to obtain shoulder angle on the YZ plane...

Pic to obtain rotate 

Mech-Dickel's new robotics lab

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     Hi guys!

     I'm glad to talk to you guys again! 

     After some interval due to the reform in my house, I'm back :D

     Well, the reason of this post is to show to you guys my new robotics lab, and now I can work again on my project.

And so it begins ...

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Update 2014-04-13

After Maker Faire I got distracted with other projects and gave my 3D Printer a rest. I decided it was time to get back into working on my InMoov and make that eye a little more useful so I gave the basic minimal tracking service script a try.  WORKY!!!  The camera was able to track an LKOptical dot I put on the screen. Sorry no pictures or videos at this point.

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