MRLComm over HC-06 Serial Bluetooth link

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So you have a little robot that is based on an Arduino running MRLComm but you really want to cut the USB cord.  Here's what I've done to cut the cord and go wireless via a cheap chinese bluetooth module I picked up on Amazon.

First get yourself an arduino (I've tested this with an Uno, Mega, and Sparkfun Pro Micro 5V) and one of these HC-06 modules. 

D-H Parameters and the InMoov for a Kinematic Model

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So, I have been working a bunch trying to control the InMoov with a joystick, and its been difficult.  

I was considering moving to an inverse kinematic model for joystick control, where the joystick will just move a point in space, and the  inverse kinemetics can compute the proper joint angles.  

In order to do this accurately, we need a model for the orientation of the gears (axis of rotation) and the length between the links (gears)

Motor Service


A general DC continous Motor which is controlled by 2 inputs.
A motor controller (such as Arduino or AdafruitMotorShield) is needed for the Motor service to attach.
One of the most useful methods is the motor's move(powerLevel).  The powerLevel needs to be a float value between -1.0 and 1.0   

Soft robotics

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Found this url here, lots of info:

Really awesome:


What is publishPin method ?

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I want to turn on a LED when analog input from a photoresistor is under a certain value.I ve tried various tutos with addListener and publishPin but nothing happens.

To simplify the exercice I've  tried to print a single message when digital input on pin 22 changes...but nothing again  :-(

Thanks for helping

Multiwii - meh?

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Here's MultiWii running in the same process and MRL. I put in a couple serial hooks where I thought messages were going to go back and forth..  I was pretty surprised in that I thought you could control a quad copter with this program, but it looks like its primarily for reading telemetry & tuning your quad

Tracking face with opencv

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Hello im working for the first time with myrobotlab which seams to be a tool without limits.

as an beginner i have some problems to understnad the working of some code to modifie it right

im working with the code all works great.