Problems Developing MRL

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I am trying to develop some new services, one for the Snowboy wakeword engine (only supported on Linux currently), and one for Amazon Alexa. I have the basic idea, but am having problems getting mrl setup in Eclipse. After I clone the project and I try to run it, Eclipse says "Cannot find or load main class org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime". I've tried adding the bin directory to the runtime classpath, but that only causes complaints about not being able to find the libraries in the repo, which I have alson cloned.

program ab error

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hello, I have an error with this program. if anyone can help:

URLLIB doesn't work now.

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The urllib service doesnot work anymore.
In later version works.

Sample code:

import urllib, urllib2, re, time
www = urllib.urlopen('')
www_tekst =

I get this now:

Control Controller Manifesto

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Control & Controller (aka DeviceControl & DeviceController) are a recurring patterns in MRL.
Control represents an interface for other consumers (e.g. ServoControl).  
Controller manages a resource (e.g. Arduino).

"Attach" is the ubiquitous concept of joining the two together.  The Lego Snap ! (e.g. ear.attach(mouth)).


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Is it possible to disable myrobotlab.log because i don't used it and it is dangerous for my SSD disque.

Thank you


Add python library

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I would like to know if it is possible to add libraries to python in myrobotlab.

Example: the feedparser library and the Snap7 library.

If possible, could someone give me the procedure for installation

System: Windows 7

Myrobotlab 1.0.1758 Lamiak


Thank you in advance for your help




J’aimerai savoir si il est possible d’ajouter des librairie au python dans myrobotlab.

Exemple : la librairie feedparser  et la librairie Snap7.

How to make Tracking service work with Adafruit16CServoDriver

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...complete newbie to MyRobotLab...

I have the Adafruit16CServoDriver working, now I am looking to try getting Tracking working with Adafruit16CServoDriver but am not getting anywhere.  I have tried everything I can think of, but can't get anything to work.  Is the PCA9685 PWM controller a lost cause for InMoov?

I was hoping for a simpler/cheaper alternative to using the NervoBoard and consuming all the pins on the Arduino...

I have edited myrobotlab's source code,and what can I do to make it to runnable jar

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I use eclipse to develop,and I use eclipse to export it to runnable jar like this:

and I get a test.jar. I use "java -jar test -service gui GUIService" to run it in cmd.Then I get this problem: