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Lets figure out how we can control InMoov & mobile platforms with the Xbox (and other controllers)

Left bumper - open left hand
Left trigger - close left hand
Right bumper - open right hand
Right trigger - close right hand

Platform movement ?


Joystick Control Remote Servo over TCP/IP

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Two instances of MRL borged together as One !   The colored tabs are the views into the remote instance's services. Remember MRL is NOT the GUI !

InMoov Design Request

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I think the InMoov design would benefit from a "tilt-able" kinect. The kinect comes with its own tiltable stand, but controlling this through the kinect driver is very problematic.

We need a single servo - tilt gimbal for the kinect.  
The kinect is the most powerful sensor we have, but we can not look down and see what is in front of us !

My ROFI build

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Update: 2014-10-22

code for arduino mega myrobot lab.apk

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someone who can provide me the program for arduino mega


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can some one help me or how can i get MyRobotLab.apk Program


Pingdar Data

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Press Full Screen to watch.

This post is to examine the details of Pingdar.