Center-tap pot and the oscope

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I've tried connecting up the center tap of the servo pot to an analog input of the arduino and measured it with the oscope of MRL.  fun...


here's some images of the with and without the ground line connected.. i'll leave it up to you to see which is which.  (I was manually turning the pot myself.. watching what happened on the analog input pin 0 of the arduino that i connected up...)


Serial problems

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I have the same problems as reported in this topic;

unfortunately the proposed solutions don't seem to be working for me. Hunted for zombies (weren't there), reinstalled drivers (to no avail) and even tried different arduino boards (after going through 2 different megas, 3 chinese knockoff unos and an official uno, I think I can safely exclude board).

Multiwii Service


Status : To Be Borged

MultiWii is a general purpose software to control a multirotor RC model.

Sabertooth Service


Status : Borged but untested

D-H Parameters and the InMoov for a Kinematic Model

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So, I have been working a bunch trying to control the InMoov with a joystick, and its been difficult.  

I was considering moving to an inverse kinematic model for joystick control, where the joystick will just move a point in space, and the  inverse kinemetics can compute the proper joint angles.  

In order to do this accurately, we need a model for the orientation of the gears (axis of rotation) and the length between the links (gears)

GPS Service


Global Positioning System for MyRobotLab. 
It will read data from a GPS sensor through a serial connection and parse it into its appropriate fields


Voice Recognition on Android & ProgramAB in MRL

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So this could be a step in chatting with our chatbots using our voice.



Using a custom App for Android I can chat to Alice using given voice (she gives text, but it's only an example).

Read further here -> .

Wheeled platform for general purpose, in my case telepresence

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UPDATE 11.19.2014

A dear friend of mine sent me these 12 DC motors as a gift :)

The motors are 12-24V with (6-12 rpm LOT OF TORQUE !)

A wheel with a diameter of 120 mm  would give a speed of 3.5 cm/s

Since i would like to have more speed i'm designing a gear system to reduce the torque and increase the speed

Funny gift ;-)

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Look at what my sister and mother offered me ! It's for salt and pepper And they walk

Finish to stand up to get the salt, it come to me now

Track Me Baby ! ;-)

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Pring & Cogs for InMoov Tracked Platform - 60 hours printing