Test 1 - future tracked platform for InMoov

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First test and this is the first desgin:

Blendering Your Python Code

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Blendering your Python.

Here is a walkthrough showing how to implement Python scripts in Blender.

Blender can be used as a powerful Gui to not only display data but also control things over serial connections.

i.e. imagine flexing an Inmoov finger in blender and the "Actual" Inmoov moves its finger the same.

or even Vica_versa....... animation possibilities and bone rigging follows suit... :-)


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Lets figure out how we can control InMoov & mobile platforms with the Xbox (and other controllers)


XBOX - Controller Layout

Logitech Rumblepad2

Do not start "gui" tab.

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I am creating a service for our "EduBOT" project within myrobotlab using the necessary services. And use the mrl to teach robotics and programming classes in Engineering at UFRGS-BR. We are developing the service so far.

News from Sweety

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Hi, here is some news about my robot "Sweety" .

The hands are done (grippers) :

I've made board to connect the servos :

The IDE connector go to the arduino, On the left the two green connectors are for 5V and 6V