3D Printer Build

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I thought you guys might like to see the distraction that has kept me away from my MRL project for the last few months. I built a RepRap 3D printer and began modifying it. Here are some pics. 

This was the basic pritner kit I bought. 

Cant get Arduino Leonardo to work with myrobotlab

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Hi, i am new to arduino and mlr, and i am trying to run "the Second MRL tutorial - tracking service with wiring diagram", but when i try to upload the code generated by mrlcomm in tracker.arduino to my Leonardo i get this compile error:

JavaCV in MRL on Juerg's Odroid XU4

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FPS is between 20 and 60 :) It oscillates in this range... but i guess it's pretty good :)

new function for InMoov hand

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As I tried to show in an example (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OOPl9AN4Go) I am working on a self levelling hand for InMoov.

Thought that it would be best have a new function available in MRL like LeftHand.StayHorizontal(). This should do 2 things

a) set a digital output to inform my arduino nano to take over bend (new) and wrist(existing) control of the hand

b) prevent output of pwm signals from the main Arduino to the wrist servo as it will be controlled by the new Arduino nano.

WebGui + Joystick Service = Web Joy

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The data input is my laptops touchpad, because sneaky elves have hidden my joystick/gamepad  !

At first I thought the keyboard & touchpad did not work, but it turns out they will emit data if the java app has "focus" - to have focus I started the old GUIService ...  Can't seem to get rid of the thing :P

Remote mind control with Arduino and ThinkGear module...

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My project about controlling the speed of a motor by your mind... This is an Arduino and Neurosky ThinkGear module project... Mosfet motor driver circuit is as follows:

ESP8266 Meets the Force........ pre-requisite to Project ESP2D2

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ESP8266 meets the force....
Using the code posted here https://gist.github.com/tagliati/1804108
for the Arduino, with some minor changes it ports easily over to the ESP8266 WIFI ........

Motor WebGui

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More pipes need to be connected - but its starting to come together...

Android and Bluetooth 4.0 Fun ! Building the bridges to MRL !

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UPDATE 11.24.2015

Data from Myo is being received in MyRobotLab !!! Myo is connected to Phone, which send the data wireless to myrobotlab on my mac ( in the future on my raspberry pi 2 !)

Hey guys... what we are trying to do is to collect all the data from sensors on Android, writing an app which uses MRL-client.jar library....

What we did so far is this :