OculusRift Service


This page (will) describe how to use the OculusRift service to get head tracking information.

The oculus rift service relies on native libraries that are exposed via java's JNA interface.  When using the OculusRift service, be sure to start MRL (java) with the command line argument for 


replace the path with the appropriate path for the system you are running on.  (I have only tested with windows 64 bit..)  

Searching for an Image Searcher

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Ale has recently expressed an interest in the possiblities of identifying images with Google "search by image"

I believe we had talked about this before with the Cortex service, below was an attempt of a a process flow/state diagram

Raspberry Pi - first Pictures ----

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I have just received a Pi NOIR (Raspberry flavored) from the UK firm www.farnell.co.uk

Above is a picture taken using a 3Watt Infra Red LED in pitch darkness.

The fourth robot generation

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Only for people, who don't know it: I think we need an Robot of the fourth gernation.
In the software-area of programming languages, existing different gernations of programming languages:

1. generation: machine languge

2. generation: Assembler

3. generation: a higher programming languiage like C/C++, Java, etc.


And I think, something like that existing for robots, too. I don't know if anybody have written it down, so I do it now here. The generrations of robots:

Homemade Filastruder for my 3d printer...

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Update on July 2014:

At last I found some time to finish up and test my filastruder... Tested with recycled plastic pellets at PID values: 200 degrees C +-10 degrees... Managed to extrude 1,70mm usable filament at first test run... 

Youtube link of test run video: http://youtu.be/-0N7ihcV2Zo 

UltrasonicSensor - quicky

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Quick peek at some of the new UltrasonicSensor Service stuff ..
Use 1.0.31+
MRLComm.ino version is 15 (I think) - so you'll probably have to reload it.