At Makercon I talked about oject recognition

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Here is what they have been working on. I just received the link of the github release:


And of course MyRobotLab:

Vacume Gripper on InMoov

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B-Houston with what looks like the MIT - coffee ground vacume gripper !   Great Work !

Configure Sphinx4 in MRL with French Dictionnary and accoustic model

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I'm new user in myrobotLab using it for inmoov project.

I try to change the .myrobotlab/io1.ear.xml file to configure sphinx for French language recognition (i also add directories with all the files for french)

But I doesn't work an It seems that i01.ear.xml file and other ones like ear.xml are rewritten each time i start my python script.

So i suppose it's probably what the service do not take care of new confg.

Can you help me with that ?

My english accent is so bad that there is no other option ;-)

Progress of my all hand made 3D printer...

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Hi all,

I will be starting on the InMoov project as soon as I have my 3D printer up and running.  I CANNOT wait!

Before that is possible though I have been building a 3D printer using ideas from all over the web.  I have decided to build it with no pre-made 3D parts (Apart from the extruder which will be a Bowden one that I will buy) and I am challenging my self to build it as cheaply as possible.  Once it is built it can then build the 3D parts to make it print at a higher quality.

InMoovHand Service


a sub service of InMoov  , to control the hand

Here is a script :


InMoovHead Service


a sub service of InMoov, contains 2 Tracking systems one for eyes and the other for the head

Here is a minimal script fot the Head :


Adding InMoov sound scheme to your Audiofile directory

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Thanks to Leon for creating the sound scheme that I have been using since MFParis2014.

Thanks to Sebastien of QuaiLab (France) for creating this script to let all InMoov builders benefit of the sound scheme.

Of course you can do this manually by retrieving the mp3 on my website and replacing the "starting mouth.mp3" in your Audiofile directory. But this is intended to be added as default on my full inmoov script.

Generate 38KHz ...

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I'm trying to make a service for manage infrared remote code, And i need do generate pulse at 38KHz.

I've tryed to do this ( see the code ) , but it's really slow . Can someone give me a method to do that ?

amby is back

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hello everybody

it is a long time i dont give us some news

it is because i am working about my robot

always with a little cardboard my favorite thing

now i have a 3d printer so i mixte half cardboard and abs with the body inmoov and i build some pieces and i take some pieces from inmoov

so i am french so if some poeple are french for help me programming that is nice

i have always a nice friends here help me 

now my next work is programmation 4 motors dc with arduino

and i never do that never never