The NEED for SPEED !

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WOOOHOOO !   IT IS WORKY !!! ... or mostly so - some fine tuning is still required...

But holy cow lets compare ....

236 micro seconds vs 18,392 micro seconds ..

Ya a bit of a difference...   

Here are some pros and cons of the new PulseIn


Bishop's head finally fully functional with a final suicide attemp

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Sorry for the Italian!

Eyes movement is a bit sloppy even though I reprinted everything twice with a higher infill and even if I used twin servos for the right-left movement. I guess it is the best I could get with the current mechanism layout.


Getting MRL worky on the Odroid U3... on the way to make InMoov autonomous

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UPDATE 07.22.2014



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Is there any way I can start tracking objects like in Alessandruino´s video or at Instructables?

Don´t need to be facedetect, just would like to be able to track something.

I have set up 2 servos and the camera which is working fine with the Here I get a b/w picture and I can set a black dot to an object. If I move that object the black dot stays on that object but the servos don´t move. Keep getting millions of "limit out of range errors".

Quadcopter : Crius AIl-in-one board (Multiwii 2.3 firmware)

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UPDATE 07.22.2014

Here are photos for wilco !

UPDATE 07.12.2014

Here is the 2 Axis gimbal i designed and printed :) 

UPDATE 07.03.2014

Flight with on-board cam :)

What we are working on .... Best Borg Efforts :)

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Alessandruino mentioned once that it would be nice to have a page which contained information regarding what we currently are working on.  This represents our group effort (TODO) similar to the Borg Inventory representing our  communal parts :)

So, here it goes :


Pawn Races around Chessboard !

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[Update 2] Multiple stepper motors - diagonal movement



vocabulary [solved]

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I would like to know how I can add vocabulary to a script. Do I have to create a library? I do have all the mp3 files necessary.

For example: In existing scripts I see