Release 108 - Review

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Here is the resulting report from auto-test in the build script - next would be to post this automatically from Travis-CI after ever build....

My new wi-fi sensor node... Now with webserver implementation...

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Update on March,2015:
Finally my wbserver is working like a charm.... I found the simple problem being with the firmware. I uploaded V0.9.2.2 Firmware and changed the baud rate to 9600 and Voila!!! the same webserver sketch above works flawlessly... Only change the serial baudrate to 9600 and it WORKS!!! At last.... :)

Help with MRL on a raspberry pi 2 and opencv

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Has anyone on here installed MRL on a raspberry pi 2 running Raspbian?  I've got it mostly installed but opencv won't start my camera.  When I click capture I get an bunch of errors like these

 ERROR>> Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /tmp/javacpp55587950902807/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Analog Signals, Software based DSP, Audio processing and more in MRL

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Wow. this is a big topic.. I really just want to start the conversation about a few things in MRL.  An open source DSP software library TarsosDSP was identified as a nice library to help implement these DSP like functions.  The library says that it is for audio processing, but lets consider that audio processing is just analog processing.  Arduino analog inputs are definitely analog and should be able to be pumped into any self respecting DSP library.

On Kickstarter: Little 3D printed humaoid robot

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Here is a little 3D printed humanoid OpenSource robot on Kickstarter called Plen2:


Only to notice it. Because - as usual - it can be possible, that they have useful code, 3d-printed hardware parts or so on, which could be used for other projects or things.


Open Source Beehives need MRL services!

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Lets make a Beehive Service- Automates a beehive with environmental and bee health sensors, and displays the data remotely via geolocated community driven data on a world map.

OculusRift Service


This page (will) describe the OculusRift service to get head tracking information and to attach to a stereo camera system .