AIML to fetch Google search

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So I have created or modified various AIML to ty things into InMoov, but this one is giving me trouble.

I made all kinds of tests, but everytime I get something that doesn't work.



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Starting out. very New.

Tested Audio and microphone. When I setup the miccrophone in Chrome as per YT videos there are not the same options as in the older versions (v35....) Cannot get ok google listen option.

[MRL 1748] Wikidatafetcher didn't work anaymore

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Hi ! Does some had the same problem ?

The service can't work anymore. ( I did't use eclipse, only the jar )

This is the error when I call a wdf.getdescription :

How to save what you do

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This is in response to wkinnes question about how to save your work in MRL.

The best way to save your work is by creating a Python script, because they can be saved. The GUI is good for playing around with as a beginner, but not really a good way to get a permanent result.   

The generic way to start a service from a python script is like this.

arduino1 = Runtime.createAndStart("arduino one","Arduino")

BOT memory

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Hi this is what I use to give the chatbot some learning capacities:

It's a WIP

3 things:

Short time memory:

I used <topic> tag and <set> vars

They are temporary informations that are used only, example to turn on specific subject of conversation

<think><set name="topic">SPEAKABOUTROBOTS</set></think>

Set the conversation subject to SPEAKABOUTROBOTS

So all the AIML into

Saving data in real time in AIML?

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Hello is there a posibility to save data in realtime in AIML?
I spend lot of time by search and write a lot of aiml but if I turn off the myrobotlab and start it again all the data is lost. 

[Open CV] Camera not detected

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Hi all can you help me :

My camera ( Lifecam HD 3000 ) is not detected in mrl / opencv

When I start the capture the video widget didnt show up

And open cv give me an error 

[MRL 1742] Analog Reader - correct method

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Hi ! I have some problems to poll analog pins

Before I used :

right.addListener("publishPin", "python", "publishPin")

def publishPin(pin):
  print, pin.value

analogReadPollingStart no worky anymore


So I try that :

Arduino service problem

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can someone tell me what "cannot get device id for servo " means? or bad magicnumber 246 or unknown serial event 38.  I open up a new arduino and servo service ,connect the arduino to the correct port I've got MRLComm version 39 installed it lights up green sayin it is connected but doesnt work. I'm using version 1691 myrobotlab.I'm lost on this one,I've tried looking for the answer so now I'm asking for help,Thanks

AIML do not open the browser

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Hello I have another problem with AIML, i need to start browser but the aiml is starting they say starting google after I say launch browser and nothing is open. I try on many ways, and past few days of writening i can't do the correct code.
Here is the sample code of aiml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>