QA Release Minimal Test Plan

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It's been a long time coming, I think now that MRLComm has been refactored and greatly improved,  it's time to start testing in preperation for release.  I wanted to start this conversation for the minimal release check list / test plan with a ideals in mind.  

Voice control, No servo movement

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I am new to Myrobotlab, this is my first post,

I have install myrobotlab following the instuction, on runnig it everything seems to load ok,

but in voice control i get no movement from the servo. I can upload my log file

Any help? 

Software servo

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Kwatters has been talking about a software servo that could use either a continous rotation servo or some other motor using an analog feedback from a potentiometer and a configurable PID.

I think that all the bits and pieces are there now to build that type of servo. But before I start building, I prefer to get some input about the archtecture of that service, because I always find many different alternatives to boild things. Good software architecture makes it fun to build, and bad architecture is a pita. I think MRL has a very good architecture and it gets improved over time.

text size in mrl

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hi guys, sorry to bug you again but i have a dum question. 

when I run MRL on my new yoga laptop machine the font for mrl is small. How can I change

the font to a loger size within mrl?

FaceDetect and Transform Filter

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I am trying to make faceDetect working. My camera delivers a rotated picture. Found the Transform filter which gives me an upright picture.

part of my script:

headTracking = i01.startHeadTracking(leftPort)
eyesTracking = i01.startEyesTracking(leftPort)

Servo attach

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I read a discussion about Servo attach and the isAttached attribute in the shoutbox latley, but it is gone now. I remember that there was a discussion about what the different attach / detach methods are supposed to do and the meaning of the isAttached attribute vs controller != null.

The reason that I ask is that the Servo GUI's seems to use the isAttached attribute to know if the controller has been set, but that doesn't work anymore. So both the Swing and WebGui are broken.

Wikidatafetcher update

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Hi everibody,

I need a little help :

Wikidata changed a little bit their API and the wikidatafetcher service stopped to work . To make it work again, it's needed to update wdtk-client from version 0.5.0 to 0.7.0 . I did it after have revoved the library log4j to avoid conflics . Finaly, i've changed the path in myrobolab -> properties to use this new version .

It work well under eclipse, but if i generate the .jar , this one can't install resources (runtime -> install all) . Any idea ?

Arduino Serial communication

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I have start to implement a way to detect if the Serial communication between MRL and arduinos is still active. The goal is to put both MRL and arduinos in a stanby state and try to reestablish connection.

The principle is simple. Arduino service in MRL send msg at fixed time and expect to get a reply (ACK) from the arduino before the timeout expired, and arduino expect to get at least 1 msg before it's timeout expire.