JMonkey !

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Makes sense I could not see the head - The Lights Were Switched Off ! .. After switching on the lights - I think the InMoovHead.blend has a variety of long, skinny nearly invisible artifacts - so as the model was imported - the object is very large, (most of it transparent) - and the head is far far away ...

Several questions about myrobotlab from a newbie

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Hi everyone

We are a group of students from Spain who recently started building an InMoov robot. Our goal is to make it learn some gestures and also use OpenCV service so it can follow our heads (or at least a tenis ball).

However I (who is in charge of the coding part) encountered some problems in regard to work with the scripts, well I literally haven't advance much in this matter.

I have some easy questions for you guys, since I'm not very good at coding I have struggled some time before turning to you for help.


VirtualArduino Service


The VirtualArduino is an Arduino Hardware Emulator for MyRobotLab.

The Arduino service will only see a COM port, and when it connects, it cannot tell the difference betwen this emulator and a "real" Arduino.

Emulators can be very useful in testing, developing and simulating "real" hardware.

InMoov In Self Repair Mode

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Unfortunately not the result of a single script but made of many smaller sequences showing some of InMoov's capabilities

Installing MyRobotLab on Raspberry Pi

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I have seen in the InMoov forum that a few people are starting to use MyRobotLab in Raspberry PI, so I will share what steps I went thru. I'm not going to rewrite guides that already exists, but I will link to the instructions that I have used.

The first step is to get an operating system installed on the Pi. I installed the latest ( Jessie ) Raspbian using this giude:

Inverse Kinematics

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Is there an example for the IK library and is the advanced library from calamity available somewhere?
Using the IK lib in the Web gui throws NullPointer when trying to center all joints. Am I doing something wrong?


Every information about IK / the IK library is welcome since I need it for my thesis!


ProgramAB - writeAIML() bug

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Hi all !

I need some help and invoke a java king

Afficher l'image d'origine

The command chatBot.writeAIML() from programAB broke UTF8 aiml files. because the new file encode format change to ANSI and must be UTF8

The command chatBot.writeAIMLIF() create a .csv as ANSI format too

This post is just for fun LOL

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I installed Google drive. What have I done wrong ?

Square Off - (MRL inside ?) - We hope so !

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Just saw this video .. Its good when you have someone skilled in expressing his excitement for your product ...  Nice ! .. I'm excited :)
I'm curious how much of MRL is still inside ?  I'd be happy/honoured if it was ...
Best of luck to our friends Aatur Mehta & Bhavya Gohil  :)