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We heard the news through the intertoobs - We have meager provisions, but you are all welcome !


I can't see webcam image in raspberry

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I can't see webcam image in raspberry with opencv service of Mrl. 1.0.119

if I recognized in dmesg:

WebGUI Framework Additions

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Cool ! - Running a Python script - watching the IK3D Render with Logging statements scrolling by ! 
On the online demo ! - http://demo.myrobotlab.org:8888/#/main


please help with service audiofile

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I get sound in raspi if force audio jack with omxplayer -o -local test.mp3 but not sounds with service of mrl audiofile and this script:

audiofile = Runtime.createAndStart("audiofile","AudioFile")



The QA Countdown to Release

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Here is a list of the current services in MRL so we can figure out what to QA.

Links :

How to hook up the PC to the Arduino?

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I have looked through everything I can find on the web, so this must be really easy to do but, I must ask anyway; does MRL use the USB port of the pc to talk to the usb port on the arduino to control to the board; or is a ftdi cable needed to talk to the tx/rx pins of the Arduino.

Is there a wiring diaagram that shows this?

It odd that I could not find a simple statement of this...but I am old!!!!




Wkinne's Upcoming Haunted House Lair

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Wkinne says MRL will be running the show !

BlueSun ESP8266 WiFi 'o' Sonar

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Continuing the theme with my ESP8266 WiFi "Wonder" chips.

First experiment in making a sonar scanner for remotely displaying depth/distance mapping.

The MaxSonar EZ0 is mounted via a 3D printed mount directly to a simple stepper motor.

The Stepper motor is controlled directly from the ESP8266 output pins.

InMoov No Workie - SOLVED :D

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Hey Guys :)

So I have the hand and lower arm built for my Inmoov robot and have connected up the wirst servo to pin 7 and a external power source so my arduino would not crash. I am running everything on com3 and have the ability to move everything from the inmoov right hand wrist slider but when I do a voice command i get zip movement.