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dwilli9013's picture

He's so fast he's a blur

Pretty cool Adolph. Glad to see he is moving.

ambroise's picture

nice idea

hello adolph

i can see you use your neck like me

look my robot for my head i do like you with servos motor

but i don't use again myrobotlab for move it

next time i hope i can put a video here


AdolphSmith's picture

Hi please email me and tel me

Hi please email me and tel me what you use to moove.

ambroise's picture

hi adolph  i need how i need

hi adolph

 i need how i need to connect my servo motors? and after how i need use myrobotlan

grog is cool because he help me to install myrobotlab

but i dont try it to use because i dont know how i need connect

perhaps i neeed to looking for here if i can find a tuto for show me a video how start?

thank you