Per request: Some info on Willie (nee Fred-X)


 I was asked to post an image of Willie's lower half. This is it. details on the "Dolly" at that it was cut to fit through the doors in my house so it is 26 inches wide, that leaves me two inches on either side going through a door so I dont bash into the door frames and scar them. The dolly wheels are from a local builders supply house. Lowes if I recall correctly. The length I do not recall I had the plywood lying about from a previous project. I think it is half inch. I plan to make some major changes to the dolly as soon as I get one of my neighbors bench project out of my shed/workshop.

 In my haste to get Willie standing on his own two feet, I did not spend enough time learning about how he can be made to do exactly that without the pole to support him. I did not learn that the legs while not designed to carry all of the robot's weight were designed to stablelize him while the majority of his weight is carried on the threaded rods that fit through them. 

  If I understand correctly now (and my plan for the next major modification), the weight is carried by the threaded rods which should be one single solid rod bolted through the dolly and extending all the way up throught the full length of each leg so that each leg will carry half of his weight. I plan to use american standard 3/8 inch 16 threads/inch rods. There will be fender washers between the nuts on both sides of the dolly and the wood to keep the nuts from compressing the wood as his weight shifts and therefore becomming loose. I plan while making this mod (to get the stick out of his bottom), to cut the dolly down another two inches so that is should be about 24 inches wide. 

  My major concern is not so much the width of the dolly nor for that matter the exact length so much as to place hm far enough back from the front that he will not tip over when he extends both arms forward. That weight shift surprised me one time while he was still just a thorax arms and a head, and I do not plan to see Willie laying on his face on the floor. 

  His inseam measurement were he to be in a taylor's shop purchasing a pair of trousers is 38 1/2 inches from the bottom of his feet to his crotch. Willie is 5 feet 10 inches tall I do not know how much he weighs. I should find out I suppose it would not be that difficult to do while I have him off the dolly to do his leg mods.

  Future mods for the dolly include converting it to a mechum dolly of the type used by Robyn This should be fairly simple in terms of mounting the wheel assemblies but will require quite a bit of engineering for the actual wheel mecanisms and control electronics. Fortunately Robyn has already done this work and demonsrated it. 

  As to what makes Willie Sing?  Ask him "How do you feel?" That is what I did the answer was a total surprise to me. A very pleasant one. 

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Thanks Mike

A lot of useful information. I am at the stage that I have to plan out the bottom half of my InMoov called Toby. I was trying to post a picture of Toby, but the picture I uploaded was sideways I tried to straighten the picture, I was not successful.

I have my bot screwed to a TV table so that I can work on his arm and hands. I will keep a eye on the balance as I test out the arms as I would not want to see Toby face down on the floor. 

I printed out the back shell and I have glued the back pieces together and dry fit them. I now have to rearrange some of the back electronics. I must say that the height surprised me as I am only 5' 5, he a head taller then me.

I tried the How do you feel? no joy for me no song.

Once again thanks for the info it is good to share.