ProgramAB server

Hi ! i have the idea to make a shared programAB database

( to add a common bot learning feature and expanse knowledge )

First , to prevent useless work, is it allready exist ? ( free and open )

The idea is to sync local AIML files to server ( I saw there is csv files too maybe we can use them, it's better to sync with mysql ).

what do you think  ?



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Common AIML repository

Ahoy moz4r!

We originally setup an AIML repo in github for this purpose!

Unfortunately, no one is really using it now.  I think we need to figure out a directory structure that would allow people to easily re-use various aiml based bots...

Have a look, let me know what you think about it.



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AIML repo

Hi kwatters ! I add the bot soon to the repo ( I m actualy learning how github works , sorry i don't have some basics ... ).

I found interested peole who want to work on a french bot ( we have not a lot interesting french aiml files and a loooot of work need to be done )






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I think this is a great idea,

I think this is a great idea, but there are a lot of details which I'd be interested in.
I'd like to have a UI to it - I guess similar to one of these 
              (WebGui could help ?)

There should be individual users locations, vs services - this is similar to how we have pyrobotlab scripts under /home/{user}  & /service - for global mediated data

we can throw up a sql or nosql instance quickly ..

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I think of a little thing to

I think of a little thing to start. Before maybe we do a MRL monster server bot :)

It's just a replicated programAB "learn" functionality.

Great if you can open a sql/apache or other thing . I have one with some little php fetchers ( weather, search engines, pictures ).  I can make test on it and repatriate  all here to make it collaborative, if usefull.

I can work on client PYTHON script / PHP server but maybe I ask some java mods about local csv/aiml update. because i didn't  use eclipse .


[edit] I will update this graph because programAB doesnt save awnsers . We need python urlib push i think


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I 'm stating to work ( and

I 'm stating to work ( and learn too how aiml works ... ) and found this magical command : chatbot.writeAIMLIF

Great to store learning in memory ! See you soon


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I think it would be good if

I think it would be good if MRL itself allowed access or CRUD operations to a DB .. strangely I recollect this service - but I think it got removed to the attic, because no one was actively using it.

Kwatters also has Document pipeline stuff which can access databases.

I think I could quickly resurrect the Database service.  Its simply a wrapper of jdbc access - where the implementation of your choice (MySQL, MsSQL, Oracle, heh or even Phoenix/HBase)

mmmm...  I'll do it now ... 

This will provide you with all the access needed to store - but the details of updating & learning would be more kwatters domain, although you seem like you've made good progress ;)

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About client > server update,

About client > server update, what are you favorite among between :

1/ null.aiml.csv python or java local parse > then send data to BDD
2/ push null.aiml.csv file > then the server do the job

"personnal" data like "what is my little bot name :) " are untouched and stored in default.predicates.txt

( null.aiml.csv = file where is stored programab learn action )