Parallax releases a FPGA emulator for its 8 cog Propeller

Parallax inc. have released FPGA code that allows a number of develompent boards to emulate the Propeller 8 cog parallel chip.

Above is my converted Deo Nano ..... the Green Led0 means system is running on cog 0

Yes each LED is an indication of running cogs (that in itsself is a help for programming, ie knowing how many more parallel processes can be run)

FPGA Files are Here :-

Well done to all Parallax Elves.... this is amazing news....

Github :-

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GroG's picture

Whoa ! So, this is a virtual

Whoa !

So, this is a virtual Prop with 8 cogs running on a FPGA board ?  Parallax must make FPGA boards or this would be as scary to them as VMWare was to Microsoft :)

FPGA has no central processor .. my mind is spinning .. does it have multiple .. hmm looks like I need to do more reading to refresh memory..

Thanks for keeping us posted .. this is amazing !  Heh, do they have an Arduino emulator (heh).. I guess that would be like running DOS 1.6 in VMWare on a blade server :D

Gareth's picture

In theory any mcu can be....

Indeed if you think of the FPGA being "Logic Gates" .... each program module can have different routes through the chip.... so If you have enough memory cells then why stop at 8 cogs.....scary....

If you squeezed in an Atmel chip emulator then it would be like an Arduino on "Red Bull"... even scarier.

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Wonder what Bill Gates thinks

Wonder what Bill Gates thinks of that.....