Official notice of Name Change.

  Since my wife does not like the Fred, an since I was borrowing that name from Ray My Assistant has had his name changed from Fred-X to Willie. 

  I do apologize if this is confusing for anyone.

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Robot Names

I wonder if it would be possible to add to a users profile the name or list of names of their robots?

For some reason, I remember the names of some of the robots, such as:
Grog's Work-E
Kawatters Harry
Bartcam's Damian
Humanoids Ghost
Kyle's Junior

just to name a few.

We have a few users that have more than one robot as well, I know I have 3 and Gael is working on 8

Just a thought...


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Hmmm .. I like this idea

Hmmm .. I like this idea ...

how to make it happen ...  _shouts_  "Is there a Drupal Expert in the House ?" _shouts_

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Hey Grog. Not a Drupal expert

Hey Grog. Not a Drupal expert here, but just wondering: are the sources for the website available anywhere? Like on Github or something?


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For 99.9% of

For 99.9% of site is "pure" Drupal 6 :P
The shoutbox is one of the only customizations (which basically consist of an iframe added referencing an mrl instance)...

So yes .. anyone could download Drupal 6 ..

We have plans to upgrade and move to a larger system ... but there are too many other more fun TODOs ;)


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Nice InMoov Mike


Can you post a picure from the waist down. I would like to see how you wheel your InMoov around. So Far I have my bot built from the waist up and I am working on the shoulders and arms? How tall is your inMoov?


Wat is te dialog you used to have him sing N, NY?