MRL on PI 2

Hello Guys, It has been a while. I hope everyone is doing good.

I have a PI 2 and I am trying to load MRL on it. I am getting a lot of errors so I send you a no-worky.

I only downloaded the JAR file.




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I ran the command again (MRL)

I ran the command again (MRL) and all services except OPENCV were installed

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trying to collect some

trying to collect some information here.

OpenCV is noworky in MRL 1.0.7 on all systems (due to the OpenCV-Upgrade), it would require some manual work.

We don't have a working OpenCV (for neither versions) for the Raspberry PI 2 in the repo, so when someone wants to use it, he would need to build it himself or get it from someone else, who already built it.

For MRL 1.0.107 OpenCV would be needed (to be build).

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forgot the link to a similar

forgot the link to a similar problem ->

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I am trying to find OPENCV

I am trying to find OPENCV I have search the internet and cannot find it anywere.

I have also tried looking on the raspberry pi-2 using this command


the response is

-bash: ./libarabies/jar/opencv- No such file or directory
can anyone help me.
Thanks BillC


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Aight .. let's nip this in

Aight .. let's nip this in the butt....

I got a raspi .. don't have a raspi 2 .. little concerned the ARM instruction set between the two might be different .. if that's the case .. then yes - we have to recompile ...

I looked for a resource to test .. and my faithful sprinkers replied... 

I got a login .. I'll see what I can do with the latest mrl version ...

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GAH ! my Java's

GAH ! my Java's borked 

root@raspberrypi:/opt/mrl# java --version
Unrecognized option: --version
Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.
what the hell !?!? - well got to fix that first ..
got to scrub all the Java away
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Thanks GroG

Thanks GroG for looking into this.

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Starting 2.4.10 build on

Starting 2.4.10 build on raspberry pi.... hopefully if all goes well 10+ hours later we'll have the new version working on RasPi

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Good tutorial

Hello a few days ago i wanted to load opencv and myrobotlab too on my raspberry pi 2.
I installed raspbian on a new sd card, set up the wlan, then followed this simple tutorial to install opencv:

Then i just had to download java with one command and installed myrobotlab (not the newest version).

And i had myrobotlab with the opencv system working in about 4h only. So thats probably a good way to recommend for a quick set up.