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Hello, yesterday I saw why my kinect 360 did not work when I started the activation of the sensors, it only says start of kinect and everything stopped I have taken photos of the system symbol when it is in the start of kinect

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Hello Sergi, OpenNI and

Hello Sergi,
OpenNI and Kinect in general can be flakey.

3 reasons possible reasons I can think of :

1. OpenNI is not properly installed
2. Incompatible OpenNI for the platform your using .. What is your platform .e.g. Window 10 64 bit + Java 8 ?
3. Since it uses JNI - if you use Java 8 32 bit on a 64 bit machine it won't work either ...

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Hi, I think the problem is

Hi, I think the problem is with myrobotlab because with the kinect tools it works and with the openNI drivers it also works, I am using windows 10 64 bit and java 8 64 bit the problem is when I open myrobotlab opeNI it does not capture any image

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I am using the kinect xbox

I am using the kinect xbox 360 v1473 and the myrobotlab openNI window cannot capture anything

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Runtime dll and Library loading

Its looks like a classpath issue during runtime.  For openCv, I wanted to use a diff library, so one can define a user library, then load the external jars into that user library.  For instance, I created a user library called openCv, and then placed the 430.jar into it.  It also references the x86 x64 bit versions of a runtime .dll via the Native Library location.  That should allow you to get it working.  Make sure to use that System.loadLibrary() and the ClassDefNotFound should dissapear.  :-)  Good luck.