InMoov's sampling Bulgarian Schnaps

Here is the first sensor I have stuck behind InMoovs Nose. It detects Ethanol/Alcohol levels using an MQ3 sensor.



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Fantastic ! Ahahah :D ... I

Fantastic !

Ahahah :D ... I was expecting you to blow in 'er ear .. that last post I saw, you put the sensors in the ears ..  Wow impressive difference on the oscope - the sampling rate does not look like what I regularly see - did you set the rate of sample much lower?

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Plan was to house the lot inside its ear....however

Indeed I ran into a few problems with porting a flow of gas to the sensor, I tried a tube with fan attached however it was cooling the sensor element down (not recommended for a catalytic glowing coil). I think it will be more fun in this configuration and more human like.

So to get the Aromas wafting I stuck one sensor exactly where it should be... and there is space for two at a push.

The Oscope trace has been slowed down "arduino.setSampleRate(8000)" so a nice layed-back trace can be seen.

I am using "Rachel" as my fembot .... I set up a Python code to retrieve all the voice code MP3s from 0.0 to 100.9 and 101 to 1025 .... saved to memory to give faster recognition and playback times.

If you notice whilst reading the Schnaps value some other lady chirps in....I have no clue how that happened

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This is so nice. Great Woooow

This is so nice. Great Woooow !!!!