I used several microphones but it does not work very well. how to use the array pickups of the Kinect that works much better than conventional pickups with myrobotlab ?
Thank you!


3 years 6 months ago

Hello Cyberneo,

In the past Microsoft did not expose its microphone through the Kinect SDK or driver in a way that the operating system understood it was a microphone.

It might be possible, if a new version of the sdk is used and the sound is then shipped to webkit.

Not sure if all of that is possible or not.

Gael uses a higher quality headset usually, and he has pretty good results.


3 years 6 months ago


I use the Logitech H600 headset, it works very well for a very reasonable price.

Regarding the mics on the Kinect,

You might need to set your Kinect microphones in the Chrome settings:

thank you Gael!
yes it worked but I have a big reference in the speakers, you have an idea?