Having difficulty with the python,

Specifically I'm having difficulty with certain aspects of using the Python programming language.

When I do ruby scripts I can do stuff like this:



7.times do

  num = File.read("my_file.txt").to_i

  new_num = num + 1

  open("my_file.txt", "w") { |f|

    f.puts new_num





But there doesn't seem to be a super obvious way to do the same thing in Python at the moment. I do this sort of stuff to have things like "persistent memory", so things can be remembered across different program run times.

As a field example, I want my InMoov project to remember my name after I've told them my name, without me having to resay what my name is.

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Hello, I do not know what you


I do not know what you have installed and how you proceeded to do so but here is a link to the procedure for for to install and run InMoov:


Note that the webkitspeechrecognition uses Chrome navigator only.

Currently to have InMoov remembering your name, we use the chatbot which is able to store a whole bunch of informations via the AIML files.

All aiml files are located in the subdirectory:


Stored information are located in:


You can create anything you want to store via the aiml.