Emoji Service Preview


One step closer to work-e == gert-e

This is a preview of the Emoji service ...  cuz what is better to express the nuances of emotion than emojis ?
Things to fix : (oh god .. the list goes on ...)

  • Emoji service uses ImageDisplay as a peer (yay !)
  • frame needs to be invisible (top and bottom lines)
  • image needs to be center in full screen
  • optional ... flipping image on vertical axis - similar to gerty (animation)
  • bahahahahaaaaa ! :D

Oh crap .. I'm from a Philip K Dick novel....


Oh .. work-e grew a head ... very wiki .. 

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hey, I like it !  

hey, I like it !


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heh, that was ...

heh, that was ... unexpected.

Great idea!

One question though: Are you using the unicode, the :name: or something different for identification?

And what emoji set did you chose? I was searching for a good one a while ago and mostly found either incomplete, license-restricted or expensive ones.

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There are going to be a few

There are going to be a few indexes.

  • by unicode
  • by cldr short name
  • by emoticon .. e.g. :) 
  • and perhaps by description 

so you should be able to display like this

emoji.display("smiley face")
???  by description would generate collisions so havent thought how to handle

For Sources :

I started with tweemoji - but they only had max res 72x72 and that looked terrible on a 1920 x 1200 display.
The most structured table is probably at the unicode.org site
https://unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html#1f600  not sure about the licensing details

The ones I have ended up using are from wiki commons

Yay for wiki commons !


They use a  svg to png renderer and for my purpose I've used the 1200x1200 from Noto Oreo

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Your links are evil! They

Your links are evil! They are trying to crash my browser! :p

Heh, I settled with Noto Emojis as well (which I got from here -> https://github.com/googlei18n/noto-emoji ).

And I like your options, I'm a supporter of the shortcodes and therefore happy to see them supported (even though they're often neglected). They're unique, don't crash some programs like unicode representations like to do and can even convey their meaning in applications which don't support them. :thumbsup:

Another great reference is btw https://emojipedia.org .

Have you already found the small little gems in e.g. the shortcode names? Some hints: :bangbang: or :interrobang:


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I do remember seeing

I do remember seeing shortcode in my initial searching for sources - but Ya now that I'm checking, my current source does not contain shortcode 

I'll definately add it as an index..


.. but, now I'll need to find something to link them .. probably unicode =to= shortname

Found this wad of json - https://gist.github.com/oliveratgithub/0bf11a9aff0d6da7b46f1490f86a71eb 


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Completly off topic, (but i

Completly off topic, (but i really love the emoji's and it can show the state of the robot, 

But grog, anything you want that would be easier if we bring it from here to the faire? Kinect, other goodies? Also got a sabertooth as the one you have, maybe we can do something with it? (can make a frame with wheels in no time, also have wheelchair motors). You name it, we will make sure it will be there, to save you the transfer trouble.

Dont know when you will arrive and go by train or something? If needed a ride, is also possible.

Let me know and we will make it happen.


Excited about the faire (if you didnt see haha) Also did put a 32'' tv aside and a big monitor for you.


gr. Wilco

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Hi Wilco, Thanks man !

Hi Wilco,

Thanks man ! :)

Sounds great on the tv & monitor.  I think it might be entertaining to have a big screen where people can talk, question and interact with virtual InMoov.   I believe that may be the "center" piece.   I might be bringing 2 laptops, so perhaps aside from runing virtual InMoov we can have some simpe "cause ==> effect" things.  A joystick, servos, heh .. now I'm beginning to wish we had XRobots little raspberry pi robot .... hmmm 

I'm not sure, but its time to get busy ...

This is my plan :

  • make sure virtual inmoov is worky on my laptop   (do you have a wireless headset ?)  this helps isolate noise - I can buy one from amazon - maybe you can ask Gael - what type he has ..
  • Understand the aiml that virtual inmoov is using - perhaps customize it.  If you imagine yourself as a spectator - I would look at virtual inmoov and try to see "what it could do" ... it would be fun to game-ify this ... like try to grab a virtual cup and move it with voice commands - but that might be out of scope considering the time ;)
  • If we have a kinect or camera out I believe we can link what the "real" camera sees, with the virtual inmoov ot provide input it can act on - calibrating this effectively might take some time.  e.g. I walk up to booth, the camera detects my face - a pan tilt kit moves the camera and tracks my face & virtual inmoov head turns - ahhh . .that's it

    We need a pan / tilt kit or a "real" virtual inmoov head mounted !   Would that be possible ?

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Oh, I thought you meant

Oh, I thought you meant shortcodes when you said "short name". Happy to see them supported anyway. :smile: : )

I've referenced GitHub's conversion list in the past (which is sadly incomplete).

This JSON list is definately nice - bookmarked, might be useful in the future.

I've already used this library (-> https://github.com/vdurmont/emoji-java ). Altough only to convert unicode representations into shortcodes/aliases One step further down the pipeline didn't like the unicodes :p

Now that I'm looking at the readme, there's another list of Unicode<->Alias/Shortcode there ^^

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All of this made me think of

All of this made me think of something I wanted to experiment at the beginning. 

A kind of emotional state of the robot.

A standardized gauge that can be feeded by a lot of things like chatbot conversions, or even recently kwatters work on the centralization of a lot of data from different services. The gauge publisher will can control emoji or face expression if you have a screen / audio effects like laugh / a motorized smile etc ...very inspiring  !

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Ya .. kwatters & I talked

Ya .. kwatters & I talked some about this .
He had 2 references of DL4J training for emotional states.

I thought it would be funny to train which emoji comes up based on good cop bad cop sessions :D

step one is to create emoji service with "kinder gentler good friendly" api - .. 
(not quite done with that ... yet :)

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nice work


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Enjoying this,

Even if I approach programming in ... kind of a strange way: I'm actually a poet and scifi writer, so I'm having to learn everything from square one in my own thinking process.

Do you think it's worth doing a Ruby prototype, and going straight to Python?