DIY Oculus Case

Oculus VR Headset arrived today .. Yay! .. 

  • Suction cups for a phone
  • Open at the end for wired connections
  • Width adjustable eye lenses
  • Focal length adjustable
  • Adjustable head straps

Overall very pleased with design.  The adustable focal length is important because my eyes need very different magnification to focus.

Got NFC stickers too as Alessandro suggested.

Played InMind VR - silly but good demonstration of displays and all the sensors (accelerometer, gyro, compass?) all working together to determin viewport and heading.

Fun toy from Santa ! :)

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I printer a pair of these a

I printer a pair of these a few weeks back and the kids in my family absolutely love them! Some great new apps coming out to support this new format too!

I have printed two more since then to give to the little ones in the family.

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Where did the santa elfs get

Where did the santa elfs get them from? Looks like fun!