Dependencies exclusion issue

fresh build used ( standalone jar )

I tested the last build WITHOUT "install all"

There is a conflict I can't resolve between 2 httpcore versions.
httpcore-4.4.6.jar is the one every services should use, if it is not possible to implement mrl httpClient service. httpcore-4.1.jar break some things...

So, if I use ( each exemple from an empty install, twice to get dependencies downloaded before )

mary = Runtime.start("mary","MarySpeech")
http = Runtime.start("http","HttpClient")

Everything is fabulous ! but ...

http = Runtime.start("http","HttpClient")
mary = Runtime.start("mary","MarySpeech")

This break spacetime from a fresh clean build : 



Off course the solution is to do the same thing like inside programAb -> update httpcore, but that implies to fork and mod Marytts.

If we can just manage meta.exclude to really exclude things that will be easier..




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Excellent testing

Excellent testing moz4r...
The problem was the httpclient 4.1 dependencies were being pull in by a voice (which I thought was suprising).

The voice dependencies were cleverly implemented with a for loop, however, "excludes" only operate for the dependency which was previously defined.  The httpclient exclude originally was in the grey box. This affected only the last voice defined. I put it in the for loop - and now all voices are excluding http.