BlueTooth elves choose "BlueTeeth"

Time of Flight meets BlueTooth.....

Extensive testing with WiFi mesh networks proved to be not the way to go for this project... timing issues killed the progress.

Exit Wifi Mesh network goblins...... YAY

Enter the BlueTeethed Elves ....... YAY

The ESP32 has up its sleeve BlueTooth capabilities, it was a simple job to reconvert the data packets.

I must say the I am not a great fan of BlueTooth however its the first time the system appears to be pretty bombproof.

Below is current system using an ESP32 with TimeOfFlight laser module mounted to Stepper motor, transmitting data over a Bluetooth data packet tube.

At present the scans for testing are constructed right>left 0°- 99° and then left>right 99°- 0° in cyclic fashion.

The data above was extracted via BlueTooth and presented using the Arduino IDE's realtime Plotter tool.

Another step closer and the data now in visual touch.

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MaVo's picture

The accuracy / repeatability

The accuracy / repeatability is kind of impressive.

I always love seeing your work. ( Please continue. : ) )

GroG's picture

Great work Gareth ! Glad your

Great work Gareth !

Glad your teeth are strong.  What is your current scan rate ? What is the units on the Y-axis ?  cm ?  
Why do you have spikes pointing to you poor sensor ?