better view of both biceps and omoplates responding to kinect

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Great work wkinne ! Its

Great work wkinne !

Its starting to give that eerie feeling of conciousness.  As I mentioned before the kinect has its own set of mappings we can adjust, so it should follow more closely your moments - when you do the funky chicken kirk will do the funky chicken - but now we are just roughing in the joints.

The scripts will need refactoring (clean up) too.  With so many mappings it will be important to make the script modularized, so gestures, and functions will be swappable with others - and configuration and specific kinect & servo orientation will be in its own isolated block.

back to shoulder work ...

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Very nice job! We can see

Very nice job! We can see that there is 2 joints missing, and that needs to be adjusted on the kinect skeleton.

I hear at the beginning some servos getting excited, is it the fingers acting although they aren't attached in the script?

I ask because during my test I had the same thing, fingers would get triggered sometimes although not being attached.