adding simplegui library

There is a nice little python package called simplegui to make it easy to interact with the python code with a nice ui.  Is there a way to add this library to my local copy of the python in MRL so that i can use it here?

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Tkinterp / jython

Hi Balaw1,

  I think you might have some problems trying to use the simplegui module for python.  For the python scripting we use a java verion of python called "jython".  The simplegui module relies on "Tkinterp".  This dependency isn't bundled with the version of "jython" that we are using. 

  I think if you're interested in building GUI's you should look at the new web based gui written in AngularJS or have a look at the Swing GUI in the java source code.  

  There may be a way to pull in the TkInterp dependency for the python service in MRL, but I'm not sure how difficult that will be.

Good luck,


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Ah, OK

Thanks Kevin.  I will take a look at Swing and AngularJS.

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Kwatters right !   ... You

Kwatters right !   ... You can use Swing ...
There are example out there .
This is an example ... 30 lines of code to make a JFrame and button :P

It "should" be possible to add Jython/Python modules as long as there is no C/C++ component - I don't think Jython handles that complexity (for good reason)

I tried EZ-Setup but ran into this issue 

Which makes me believe its possible (again "if" the module does not have C/C++ components) ...  but I have to go find the jython.bat file for 2.5.2 ....

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Going forward, as Kwatters

Going forward, as Kwatters mentioned ... WebGui & Angular is the way to go !!!