Adafruit 9685 PWM board I2C servo control

Hey peeps

I'm facing a challenge with the Adafriut 9685 PWM board

I've followed the guide here and I'm able to control multiple servos through Python via I2C

FWIW, here's a video showing that I'm able to control multiple servos via I2C directly through Python outside of MRL with the PCA9685 driver board



I've then followed the MRL instructions here:

I've used the script here

With the MRL instructions I'm not getting any servo movement when using the MRL servo GUI

Any thoughts?




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"no static route for gui.getState"


I notice in the MRL debug log output that I see the following when I attach Adafruit16CServoDriver service to the Raspi service:
Note the line: 
16:40:10.455 [gui_outbox_0] DEBUG c.myrobotlab.framework.Outbox - no static route for gui.getState 
This is what I see in the MRL GUI:
16:40:10.430 [AWT-EventQueue-0] DEBUG c.myrobotlab.framework.Outbox - msg [msg gui.send --> AdaFruit16C.setController(RasPi,1,0x40) - 1483202410430]
16:40:10.432 [gui_outbox_0] DEBUG c.myrobotlab.framework.Outbox - AdaFruit16C configured to RELAY 
16:40:10.433 [gui_outbox_0] DEBUG org.myrobotlab.framework.Inbox - AdaFruit16C.msgBox + 1 = 1
16:40:10.435 [AdaFruit16C] DEBUG org.myrobotlab.framework.Inbox - AdaFruit16C.msgBox -1 0
16:40:10.436 [AdaFruit16C] DEBUG c.myrobotlab.framework.Service - --invoking AdaFruit16C.setController(RasPi,1,0x40) 1483202410430 --
16:40:10.437 [AdaFruit16C] INFO  o.m.service.Adafruit16CServoDriver - AdaFruit16C setController RasPi
16:40:10.442 [AdaFruit16C] INFO  org.myrobotlab.service.RasPi - Created device for AdaFruit16C with busAddress 1 deviceaddress 64 key 1.64
16:40:10.444 [AdaFruit16C] INFO  o.m.service.Adafruit16CServoDriver - Creating device on bus: 1 address 0x40
16:40:10.446 [AdaFruit16C] DEBUG c.myrobotlab.framework.Outbox - msg [msg AdaFruit16C.publishState --> null.publishState(Adafruit16CServoDriver) - 1483202410446]
16:40:10.448 [AdaFruit16C_outbox_0] DEBUG org.myrobotlab.framework.Inbox - gui.msgBox + 1 = 1
16:40:10.450 [gui] DEBUG org.myrobotlab.framework.Inbox - gui.msgBox -1 0
16:40:10.450 [AdaFruit16C] DEBUG c.myrobotlab.framework.Outbox - msg [msg AdaFruit16C.setController --> null.setController(true) - 1483202410450]
16:40:10.451 [gui] INFO  o.m.c.Adafruit16CServoDriverGUI - getState invoked
16:40:10.452 [AdaFruit16C_outbox_0] DEBUG c.myrobotlab.framework.Outbox - no static route for AdaFruit16C.setController 
16:40:10.453 [gui] DEBUG c.myrobotlab.framework.Outbox - msg [msg gui.getState --> null.getState() - 1483202410453]
16:40:10.455 [gui_outbox_0] DEBUG c.myrobotlab.framework.Outbox - no static route for gui.getState 
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update - all worky now :)

By way of an update for anybody that might read this post

Reverting to MRL version 1723 solved the issue for me

The good MRL dev peeps are on it :)

Thanks Grog, Mats, Kwatters for the guidance



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Great Work Acapulco Rolf !

Great Work Acapulco Rolf !  Thanks for the videos !