L1 trigger design Workio (Hori controller), InMoov Finger sensor possibilities

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Workio - First "Live" testing of the top trigger finger mech.

The concept "Hori" uses is so simple and would make a great finger pressure sensor for InMoov.

Hori aka PS4 Joystick Mappings (I have a question)

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This is part of my PS4 Single handed Joystick controller.

(not for confusion - the above graphic of Hori controller is not on the MRL Joystick service, its a paint mash for my reference).

These are the mappings I have traced prior to desoldering the main board (just to keep a track of directions when shoehorned into the new system).

I have a Question :-

There are 5 buttons that do not show up on the MRL mappings.

Emotion detection in faces

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Gael recently pointed us at the an open source project that had trained a few different neural networks in Keras to detect emotions on detected faces.  More info here.

Updates - Log Service Sparkles

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After several coding jams the Log service is starting to have sparkles.  I wanted to make it "better" than eclipse's console to quickly see status and diagnose issues.  Having a good logging system is the cornerstone of workyness :)


PS4 Single Handed Joystick

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I have had a request to make a custom PS4 Left handed Joystick for a person who is recovering from a "Stroke", thought it would be interesting reference.

Above is just a first a first bite of the cherry, subject to many/many changes.

More Parkour Atlas

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Just badass

Release of the advanced inmoov head

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Hi all. So, im considering releasing my advanced inmoov head for all of you to use if you desire. its not fully finished and to be honest i would need testers to make sure that certain things work as expected. The entire head would have to be reprinted to use my design, and you would need the drupp neck.

Service MotorDualPwm

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Мне нужно управлять платформой на 4 двигателях постоянного тока. Я хочу использовать сервис - MotorDualPwm. При установке пина RightPwmPin сбрасывается на 0. В чем моя ошибка или это ошибка в программе?

Thank you, Marcus, for posting the wheels for Robyn in the Thingiverse. I repeated it and added my printed gearboxes and motor drivers.

Service MotorDualPwm

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I need to operate the platform on 4 DC motors. I want to use the service - MotorDualPwm. When setting the pin, RightPwmPin c is reset to 0. What is my error or is it an error in the program?