Finished head bob mech

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Hi all, the head bob mech is finished and here is the result. I wanted the head to move forward a bit more, however, I had to sacrifice some movement for the strength of the parts. 

Using the lightdesk way for programming the moves...

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Hello MRL InMoover's,

During the Maker Faire in Eindhoven (in The Netherlands) I was talking with Wilco about this option.
Both have experience with light consoles and know that the way of programming will makes it easier.

I've no idea if there is a option to use the same way of programming in MRL.
Now it's all done by scripts and most things are hard to make it smooth.
I mean, it's harder to combine some moves at the same time.

Advanced head bob mech Update

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Hi all.  The movements have been finalized on the head bobbing mech.  Click MORE below to see the new video.   Spawn says that the running a script on the servos using the "servo" service makes the servos jitter during movement unless you use the -1 speed setting. Due to the weight of the skull (which will be added soon), he didnt want to burn out his servos using that speed setting.  Here is a look at the full movments before the rest of the skull is attached.   Any suggestions on fixing the servo jitter would be appreciated    

Fun with OpenCV

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If your gonna refactor the service - might as well make it "better" "stronger" "faster" ..

So I made it capable of input from youtube videos - cuz our robots will want unsupervised training of neural networks by watching tonnes of youtube !!

The above stream was done by a single line :



Yolo in conjonction with Ultrasonic sensor

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So, I was working on a script to get Yolo starting only if an object is presented at the correct distance (1.0meter) using a Ultrasonic sensor.

This works nice.

Now is there a filter I could use to eliminate the background before Yolo analyses the picture?

@moz4r, I solved the neopixel issue by adding an extra sleep(4) at the beginning of my script.

Building the Borg with a Swarm

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If you would like to contribute to the workforce of building mrl - you can can run a "slave" building process on your computer with the following command :

Silence the InMoov Virtual Scream

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I adjusted the initial rotation of the virtual inmoov jaw so that its no longer screaming, but in the same pull request I fixed the unbridled update.   What's this about ? 

JMonkeyEngine gives us a thread so we can update virtual inmoov, moving arms and head etc..  But if we don't slow this thread down the Frame rate will rocket to 300+ Frames per Second, which makes our computer not so happy :(