face tracking

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Guys could someone help me to make facetracking work?

i have everything working camera, opencv and servos, but im not beeing able to run a script to start it!! 


I have tried the gael script but keep asking for more arguments this is the code

Arduino MrlComm Message Schema

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Message Definition

Message Direction Method Name Parameters
<  from Arduino to PC
>  from PC to Arduino
This will be the fuinction name called

Arduino Emulator

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Hardware can be a pain sometimes. There's all those wires, and solder, and burnt circuits.  Wouldn't it be great if we had Arduinos in the Matrix ?

There's been a buzz flying about making one. 

First attempt at a major amount of soldering

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Well, I was a bit intimidated on soldering Junior's mouth. I have been putting it off but it was time to give it a try. I used these little boards that fit perfectly in his mouth. I tried soldering across a whole row, that went terribly, the rest went only marginally better. I had a bit of a successful response when I tested it initially, but now nothing... so now I am pouting and going to watch Chappie for a little inspiration. Hmmm, can't seem to paste the link to the YouTube video... Guess my luck still hasn't changed...

Persistence is worth while

Testing of Junior's speech components before I do some soldering

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So I am to the point where I need to solder the LED displays to the board that actually fits in Junior's head. I did a much smaller test, but then couldn't leave it alone. So, I taught Junior to sing some Beastie Boys. I think it will be much more impressive when he is assembled and I add the emotional responses.

AIML to fetch Google search

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So I have created or modified various AIML to ty things into InMoov, but this one is giving me trouble.

I made all kinds of tests, but everytime I get something that doesn't work.


BOT memory

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Hi this is what I use to give the chatbot some learning capacities:

It's a WIP

3 things:

Short time memory:

I used <topic> tag and <set> vars

They are temporary informations that are used only, example to turn on specific subject of conversation

<think><set name="topic">SPEAKABOUTROBOTS</set></think>

Set the conversation subject to SPEAKABOUTROBOTS

So all the AIML into

roll neck

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hello guys i use the roll neck with servos not hacked, 

in 1412 i used this script with sucess