AcapellaSpeech is out of usage

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AcapellaSpeech is out of usage since yesterday, due to restrictions on the demo mode.

Because we need a speaking robot, I will try to use MarySpeech service instead of AcapellaSpeech service.

So I run a simple script like this:

inmoovTest = Runtime.createAndStart("inmoovTest", "ProgramAB")
inmoovTest.startSession("ProgramAB", "gael", "inmoovTest")
mouth = Runtime.createAndStart("i01.mouth", "MarySpeech")

Control Controller Manifesto

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Control & Controller (aka DeviceControl & DeviceController) are a recurring patterns in MRL.
Control represents an interface for other consumers (e.g. ServoControl).  
Controller manages a resource (e.g. Arduino).

"Attach" is the ubiquitous concept of joining the two together.  The Lego Snap ! (e.g. ear.attach(mouth)).

Marty the robot powered by Myrobotlab !

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Marty using MRL inside, great ! I'm using raspi + Adafruit16CServoDriver only.




Small setup :

Getting No Recognition: OpenCV/Face Recognition/OSX(Mac)

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So I have been trying to get face recognition working for a couple weeks now.  I burned up my first LifeCam HD-3000 with a crappy USB Hub, it also took out my Xbox Kinect 360, it was dark days...  I was able to get a new Kinect the same day for $25 from a local game store, I had to order a new LifeCam which came yesterday.  So I started up this work again.  The issue I have been having is that when I attempt to train via the OpenCV feed it does not populate photos into the training folder.

openweathermap Weather API

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Hi ! I share this if it is usefull . One day I learn eclipse to make services I think it will be more clean...

1/ GEt your api key

2/ Set this VARS


3/ The code ( part of global project but the essential is here )

4/ The Aiml ( french )


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arduino3 branch (along with ArduinoMsgGenerator) and MRLCOMM version 46 has been merged into develop branch ... WHOOHOO !

publishPinArray and enablePin appear to be working with new ArduinoMsgGenerator framework now...
(on arduino3 branch)

I've pushed all the stuff I have been working on into a new branch called arduino3.

All the important stuff is in src/resource/Arduino/generate

script as a template

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Guys just posted my main script for DeathInvoke to follow, ofcourse can be hellpfull for other people, the easiest way is to start top to bottom adding stuff and see if everything works


Inmoov OpenCV test

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Hi all ! I'm starting working on opencv, I need to read lot of documentations of course,it is so big.  But is the method I used is the way to do ?


I use the main loop of published onOpenCVData and intercept the boundarybox data of the facefilter