Intro Service is Born

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1. Cool highlighting - who did it ?
2. Interesting - it did replace the right content, but I don't think the content is appropriate.  I think it should probably step through with text the process of, 


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Glyph icons are being used now for the top nav - elipses, notifications, and shutdown

notifications are now not pushing things down.  The idea will be to have badge # (currently hardcoded to 5) increment on the numbers of new notifications, and only if the notification icon is selected then a log of items will be visible.  Still requires work, but progress has been made.

Proposition for a friendly homepage

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Now with the side panel and MyRobotLab logo.

I have made a set up in webgui_work so you can test the homepage into mrl. As you said I made it sleek and modern, in the end I preferred making some sort of icons instead real graphical drawings like the 3D.js page.

This is because if in the future, you want to add another button, you can create it yourself without to have a designer to draw it for you.

Sidenav ideas

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I was thinking and analyzing the usability of using the mouseenter and mouseleave to open the Sidenav and there may be problems when using a touch screen and you could not use onmouseleave to close it.


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Hola! buen para empezar te cuento que mis conocimientos generales son muy basicos, solo pude hacer una impresora 3d con arduino, guiado por muchos tutoriales, entre los cuales encontre el proyecto de Garl y me subscribi, ahora estoy haciendo a inmoov, llevo impresa la cabeza, manos y antebrazos,en Pla,  esperando filamento para continuar.

la pregunta es que puedo ir haciendo al respecto, de momento solo cuento con un arduino uno en el cual cargué MRLComm, luego descargue myrobotlab -gui 1.0.1723 y aca estoy.

How to do WebGui Development

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Make a directory for your work, for example c:\dev

Start a command prompt and cd c:\dev

Then clone the myrobotlab repo - you will need git for this, you can install git from here

Download the latest myrobotlab.jar from here

Top Down - Help

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Hello Astro,
I was wondering if you might lend me a hand with your awesome CSS-Fu.
I think its time to start refactoring some of the top level and framework parts.  I would also always appreciate your UX-design-Fu as well.

This is nav.html

MRL Doc Updates

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Just wanted to say hello, and share the MRL TechNotes that I've been assembling.  I have not updated the ProgramAB section yet, as Kevin mentioned, although I did add some documentation on the OpenCV and filter process.  Thanks all, and stay the course!


Stacked WebGui Services

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Some interesting effects.
I see all tab contents are created as I suspected - and clicking on a tab just makes it visible.  
If I change one boolean value - they "all" are visible.  Probably not the most useful, but I'm exploring what options there are.


Turns out you can have the little undocked views and tab view at the same time