AudioPlay mouthcontrol MaryTTS

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This is a tip to have MRL mouthcontrol worky with external mp3 and maryTTS

( waiting something cleaner : other acapela service or maryTTS audioplay or mouthcontrol in audioplay )

add this at the top of your script :

AudioFile = Runtime.createAndStart("AudioFile", "AudioFile")

and this is to play the sound with mouthcontrol

MaryTTS - go further [post can be deleted]

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[don't know how to delete the post]


This post to list what we can do with the MaryTTS service in MRL.

I just discover it, there is a lot of interresting things

AudioEffets ( great tool to tweak the voice ) :

mouth.setAudioEffects() ->


Download voices

installSelectedLanguagesAndVoices() ->

Seasons Greetings from Junior

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Hope this works... I know I should read the tutorial on this and get it to embed properly... I will if this doesn't work

AcapellaSpeech is out of usage

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AcapellaSpeech is out of usage since yesterday, due to restrictions on the demo mode.

Because we need a speaking robot, I will try to use MarySpeech service instead of AcapellaSpeech service.

So I run a simple script like this:

inmoovTest = Runtime.createAndStart("inmoovTest", "ProgramAB")
inmoovTest.startSession("ProgramAB", "gael", "inmoovTest")
mouth = Runtime.createAndStart("i01.mouth", "MarySpeech")

Control Controller Manifesto

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Control & Controller (aka DeviceControl & DeviceController) are a recurring patterns in MRL.
Control represents an interface for other consumers (e.g. ServoControl).  
Controller manages a resource (e.g. Arduino).

"Attach" is the ubiquitous concept of joining the two together.  The Lego Snap ! (e.g. ear.attach(mouth)).

Marty the robot powered by Myrobotlab !

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Marty using MRL inside, great ! I'm using raspi + Adafruit16CServoDriver only.




Small setup :

Getting No Recognition: OpenCV/Face Recognition/OSX(Mac)

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So I have been trying to get face recognition working for a couple weeks now.  I burned up my first LifeCam HD-3000 with a crappy USB Hub, it also took out my Xbox Kinect 360, it was dark days...  I was able to get a new Kinect the same day for $25 from a local game store, I had to order a new LifeCam which came yesterday.  So I started up this work again.  The issue I have been having is that when I attempt to train via the OpenCV feed it does not populate photos into the training folder.

openweathermap Weather API

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Hi ! I share this if it is usefull . One day I learn eclipse to make services I think it will be more clean...

1/ GEt your api key

2/ Set this VARS


3/ The code ( part of global project but the essential is here )

4/ The Aiml ( french )


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arduino3 branch (along with ArduinoMsgGenerator) and MRLCOMM version 46 has been merged into develop branch ... WHOOHOO !

publishPinArray and enablePin appear to be working with new ArduinoMsgGenerator framework now...
(on arduino3 branch)

I've pushed all the stuff I have been working on into a new branch called arduino3.

All the important stuff is in src/resource/Arduino/generate