TAIL command in windows 10

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I have been working with Nixie and windows 10 and had on various occasions a need for a running tally of the log file. In linux/unix this is easy, just use the tail command and Bob's yer uncle as they say.

That quest wasn't as straight forward in windows, but, to the rescue windows PowerShell [PS]. PS is very powerful and out of the box comes with restrictions. To be able to run scripts you have to tell the PS that it is ok to trust local scripts. To do this run  PS in admin mode then execute the fillowing command:

Kryten the inmoov robot

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Hi Folks

quick introduction and some questions. My robot is called Kryten, after the humanoid robot in the Red Dwarf series. He is pretty much build standard Gael, with the addition of the articulating stomach.

he stands on a manequin leg set liberated from a local department store, which makes him, ohh, about 6 foot 8 inches tall

Pauses after audio file played

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Here is an example of what I'm trying to fix ..


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Have worky (N) Mqtt Instances...

It may look like duplicates, but its not. There are 4 MRL Instances connected together, and all (so far) appear to be fully functional in the webgui.

There are 3 which have mqtt connectivity, and another that is connected through the webgui service.
WOOHOO ! - will continue looking for bugs and doing more refactoring ...

InMoov Practicing Standup Comedy Routine

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She has a lot of work to do on her routine but I have more work to do on my sub-routines!

Retrofitting InMoov with Interactive Eyes..... aka >reducing the servo count.

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I Picked up a couple of round 240*240 pixel OLED display modules, as luck would have it they scale easily into the InMoov face frame-work.

Driving the display is an ESP32 using SPI bus for control... meaning that two displays can be controlled with it.

STM32F103 C8T6 PWM Timer and NE555 redundancy Part 002

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Latest iteration of the Neon supply 170 - 240 Volt generator.

The original circuit sported a "NE555" to drive the "Fly-Back" inductor N-Channel MOSFET, then after a hour sitting in its cosy socket (and an elvish brainwave later) it has been made redundant in preference to some"PWM Code..."

STM32F103 C8T6 3.3V meets 170Volt Neons. ... Part 001

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Over the last few months these "Coloured Neon lamp indicators" have been popping up on the matrix, so I could not resit...well who could not resist mixing 3.3volt logic with 170volt.

They come in a variety of colours "Green","Blue" and "Orange" , the glow intensity is good even in daylight.

Taking the "Blue-Pill" aka STM32F103 C8T6 ... Part 000

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The MCU you see above is know as the "Blue-Pill" , it belongs to the STM32 family.

To put it in simple terms.... its a bit like an Arduino on steroids.

STM32F103 Specs :-