Generated Configurations

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Functionality is from this pr

There are 3 UI elements which will save config.

Experimenting with the NeoPixel arrays on MRL.

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Most builders of the InMoov robot have eventually installed the NeoPixel ring with 16 Pixels in the stomach.
When working, these little multi colored LED unit can look very impressive.\
As Part of Fred's program, I also wanted to use these marvelous devices.
Of course I had to be different :-) and add extra NeoPixels to the ring.

upgrade to Kryten's articulating stomach

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When i built my robot, i liked the idea of an articulating stomach designed by Bob Houston, found as thingiverse thing:1409964.

Bob made a very nice design, but I never felt at ease with using just the 180 degree turn servos and the plastic spindles. They have a rather course pitch and can cause the robot to lean at random , for example when moving an arm.

NeoPixels and Ultrasonic sensors working together

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For a long time you could not run ultrasonic sensors on the same Arduino as the NeoPixels.
This was because the sleep function in the Arduino would upset the NeoPixel communication control.
In the recent versions of MyRobotLab Nixie version, this issue has now been solved.
What you are seeing here is 23 NeoPixels running with 2 active UltraSonic sensors and a Passive Infra Red sensor all on the same Arduino Nano running under MRL control.


Who said you can't run YOLO on a Raspi

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Testing Freds new program on the Nixie build 1.1.429.



Good news is it's working :-)

While I was in there, I started OpenCV, loaded the PyramidDown Filter and the Flip filter.

Logisim - Logic Simulator (inc. FPGA compile)

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Just a Quick "Periscopes Up" for anyone looking for a Free Logic Simulator - Quick bash up above as taster.


A bit about Fred_Inmoov

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Frequently Re-Engineered Device (FRED)
Fred is a modified InMoov Robot.
You can find the videos showing his contruction here:
In the Official build of InMoov,