WOOT ! MyRobotLab OpenCV 2.2 & JavaCV on Mac !

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Seeing is believing:
OpenCV 2.2 from MacPorts
MyRobotLab 0005 - bundled with JavaCV 

MyRobotLab - compatible with Linux, Windows & now Mac ! woot !

Color Marble Sorter

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Inspired by a $2.00 color detector by Gonzik on LetsMakeRobots my daughter created a color marble sorter for her elementary school science project.


Differential Drive Service

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Differential Drive Service

A differential drive is a  configuration where two motors are used to control the robots direction and movements.  Wheels or tracks are commonly used.

Each motor can have 3 states: Forward Backward Stopped

<<list 6 states>>


FFMPEG WEBM JMF Java & other video streaming information

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Some Interesting links on Video Streaming and Java.

I'm really disappointed by the lack of support and large amount of frustration with JMF.  This was Sun's initial stab at implementation or standards of implementation.  No one appeared to use it, and now it seems to have lost all support or future development.

Code for Tracking Objects in a Fixed Polar Coordinate System

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I found myself in a situation where polar coordinates are used in determining position and location of a small robot and several objects of interest.  In order change the heading of a robot to correctly point to one of the objects, I needed to calculate the most efficient direction to turn and when to stop.

mini boa motor controller

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Full Sheet

Copper with dramatic lighting (ooooooh!)

Bug Toy

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Bug Toy is a simple radio controlled robot.  It is part of the distributed robot Audrey.

With Mood Lighting


Chassis, Wheels, and Tracks