Code for Tracking Objects in a Fixed Polar Coordinate System

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I found myself in a situation where polar coordinates are used in determining position and location of a small robot and several objects of interest.  In order change the heading of a robot to correctly point to one of the objects, I needed to calculate the most efficient direction to turn and when to stop.

mini boa motor controller

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Full Sheet

Copper with dramatic lighting (ooooooh!)

Bug Toy

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Bug Toy is a simple radio controlled robot.  It is part of the distributed robot Audrey.

With Mood Lighting


Chassis, Wheels, and Tracks

Stereo Vision

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Stereo Vision

Growler - Smart little Dumb Robot - Voice Control

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Growler is an inexpensive "dumb" robot.  It has no sensors (at the moment), only motors and an radio module.  However, with myrobotlab, Growler can do a few interesting things.

Parts List