Tato (Name of my InMoov)

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Tato is a Georgian name, and he is built in University in Georgia (the country in Europe).

I will put pictures of some printed builds and painted and assembled modules. Also some ideas and findings.

Revision 2 EyeGlass

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New eyeglass print came out awesome. Have to admit though the support was an absolute pain in the rear to get off. About 2 hours of clean up to get it in the state it is now.

Still loving it can't wait to move on to the next pieces.


PIR sensor retriggering issues...

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Using a PIR sensor in a robotic head project is awesome... while tracking with MRL, PIR sensor is helping to identify human presence and start tracking... I have tested this and proved to be very useful... but I have some issues now... PIR sensors have retriggering option for detecting human presence and movement and continue keeping the tracking process on... there is always 2 pots on the sensor, one for sensitivity adjustment (detection range) and one is for continuity of open circuit after triggering...

First InMoov Print Failure

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Well first InMoov prints FAIL, forgot to turn on support so lost eyes and knocked print off of build plate at 95%.

Oh well will hit it with a vengeance tomorrow.

T-800 Patently overlooks InMoov Construction

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T-800 Watchdog

T-800 Watch Dog monitoring the print operations for the InMoov. I have decided to go with the Brass Colored 3mm PLA filament for my build. Hopefully it comes out as sweet as my Terminater prints did.

Servo Degrees Of Motion used on Finger Starter

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from org.myrobotlab.service import Arduino
from org.myrobotlab.service import Servo

Sabertooth 2X25

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After many attempts at creating a robust and inexpensive H-Bridge I finally caved and bought this lovely high current motor controller.  I've heard good things about it.. but is it ready for the Red Beast !?!?!?

Probably the most expensive (non-computer) hardware I have ever purchased.

Its so amazing it comes in its own personal engraved case - wilth luxurious foam padding.  Well, it's time to pull it out of its case and start testing !

NIRcam images of a plant under IR light with opencv filters...

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I prepared a new NIRcam for my Plantoid studies... after wrecking 2 webcam lenses I managed to properly remove the IR filter and calibrated the lens... while testing this new NIRcam I played with some opencv filters and finally captured these images which I wanted to share with you here... it is night here and the plant is illuminated only with an IR led array which i made for this purpose...

this is the opencv widget of the plant under IR light... no filters...

(MRL Woes) Finger starter problems

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These are the instances that I find on my PC. The only erroneous instances I find are for Arduino 0023 which I regularly use to edit Marlin firmware for 3d printers that I build.

Thanks for the great service by the way. This makes it so much easier for newer people to this arena.