Kinect Video Stream Masking

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Object segmentation with kinect depth map

Here is some streaming video being masked by the depth image of the kinect.
I use OpenCV's inRangeS to find a range to create a mask from the depth image, then cvCopy to copy it over the video image.

Template Matching and Tracking with PID control - Bot finds teet !

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Logitech C600 webcam - 2 Servos in Pan/Tilt kit - and $16 BBB Arduino clone... not pretty, but it works !

OSC + MRL + Chess

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So my idea is to be able to input my move in 1 player chess mode of my chess robot via my iPad. This will be done using the Touch OSC app

I have made an app using their program. It is basically a chess board layout of buttons.

WOOT ! MyRobotLab OpenCV 2.2 & JavaCV on Mac !

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Seeing is believing:
OpenCV 2.2 from MacPorts
MyRobotLab 0005 - bundled with JavaCV 

MyRobotLab - compatible with Linux, Windows & now Mac ! woot !

Color Marble Sorter

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Inspired by a $2.00 color detector by Gonzik on LetsMakeRobots my daughter created a color marble sorter for her elementary school science project.


Differential Drive Service

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Differential Drive Service

A differential drive is a  configuration where two motors are used to control the robots direction and movements.  Wheels or tracks are commonly used.

Each motor can have 3 states: Forward Backward Stopped

<<list 6 states>>