InMoov 2.0

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This post is to coordinate efforts to get InMoov 2.0 working.
List of work 


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Hi guys :) now that i got some acc+gyro sensors i would like to build a robot to walk (following IR light on my back or Ping sensor)...

Don't know if to build a self-balancing robot ( i really like them :D ) or just a BIG robot (telepresence)...

What i would like to add is :

Sensor (PIR) affected Tracking

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Arduino Pin 3 (Green) is in a low state - all filters remove and the Tracking service is in an IDLE state

New Toys to play with :) Thanks Santa's... :)

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Oh oh ohhhhhh !!! Italian Christmas has arrived :) 

In the pic you can see my new toys !!

In the Nord-West corner a Ping sensor (HC-sr04), then a Gyro+acc+baro+compass (the red one), then an MPU6050-gyro+acc (more accurate) and an RTC module :D


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Here's the beginning basic diagram of a proposed "Robot Pool".  Initially it would be the Incubator which is the build machine all MRL builds come from running an instance of MRL with a special service and an XMPP service.  Robot Buddies who were interested in joining the pool would accept the Incubator as a buddy, and Incubator would accept the new robot as a buddy.

Joystick service on Raspberry Pi

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     I’m very glad to get MRL working on my RasPi, much more with the Xbox joystick working on RasPi too. I’m using a wireless joystick with a PC Wireless Receiver (it’s usb) attached to RasPi.

Sample InMoov Head DNA :)

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Update 2013.11.03

DNA - (Description of Neighboring Automata) 
This is a contextul configuration - allowing meaningful defaults, without taking away the ability to TWEAK 

The following is an InMoov head with many neighboring services..  servos, tracking, pid, arduino, etc...
With DNA you can split or merge services, or graft new ones of different types into the structure.