Kindof - Sortof :P

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Success in small steps :)
This is a mod'd Arduino gui.  The good news - it wasn't too hard to do.  And A0 the first guage actually moved a bit based on Arduino data :)

The Bad news ....   it completely froze the browser :(

WebGUI - Ping Sensor

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Ping Sensor Pages Begin !

It be good to find some commonalities between the sensors such as :

  • max and min range
  • is it possible to use a single library for all ping sensors - do they all work the same way?
  • paramters for distance from time 


Status Summary in WebGUI Service

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View of new status info (service info, warnings and errors) - which now bubble up to the top headers. Easy now to see at a glance what is need attention.


Trying to run 'blah" in Python :P


Trying to send commands to an Arduino after its UNPLUGGED ! :P

Robotic Chess Board

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Hey all,

One of my first entries on my robotlab smiley

This is regarding my chess board project and  since a few days I have been talking with GroG and Alessandruino on the shout box regarding this project, so Grog suggested that I post more details about this one so it can be a more permanent thing :P

Heres what im doing in this project:


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Crack myself up - here is the latest in internet technology - websockets, jquery and HTML5 all working together to produce a display for MRL and I chose a nifty background for watching analog data on an Arduino :D

BAH HA HA HA ! The background is an old CRT Oscope image and the yellow line is the actual waveform of an Arduino Mega Analog pin 14 ... :D


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Python service now has drop down menus (ugly but working)

Examples will give you a listing of Python examples checked into the repo.

Select one and it will be loaded into the editor.


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The WebGUI will be the future interface for MRL.  This will allow for more simple remote control access, and user defined GUIs. There are the beginnings of a plethora of HTML5 widgets (JMWidgets,RGraph, Wijmo) which can be easily integrated with MRL using a simple text editor ! 

And so it begins ... my ongoing InMoov build log.

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Update 2015-09-09

It's been nearly a year since I updated this post but I'm finally settled into a new house and have started setting up my workspace.  My InMoov (and other 3D printed bots) have an appearance to make this Saturday at .  So time to get cracking on fixing broken parts from a fall InMoov took this winter during a blizzard.  I can rebuilt him. I have the technology. Stronger. Faster.