Auto release Arduino Service

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Well, when I execute a script for the Arduino, like this:

InMoov Hand Ready For Testers - build 1804

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speakErrors (Speech Service) // damn good

autoDetach after 5 minutes inactivity

isValid systemCheck - various levels + contextual string

check scripts - subsume all previous capabilities - minimal script

videos need to be done (all interfaces - webgui, gui, xmpp)

WebGUI - TODO - framework for button cmdText -> quick propegate

The Faire !

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 "Robot, you have to folow my orders, capiche?!"

Training robot just like a Professional :)

Ambassador Alessandruino !


WebGUI Updates

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This is now the default index page for MRL's webgui.
There is a REST API link which queries MRL's currently running services and returns a dynamically created interface which allows activation of any method with any service.  You may program and control with URLs :)

live from makerfaire !!!

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Hangout from makerfaire :D

Alessandruino Needs Help ?!?

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How can us mere mortals help?


  • weird wall causes false positives

possible solutions

  • move camera or wall :D
  • add preFilters to reduce size, and other filters which will reduce impact of wall - size reduction will increase speed of search too


Future Fun Experiments

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I found this on the internet (through Tingyverse) ... and thought it is just begging to be assimilated into MRL.