InMoov Head (second try)

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Thanks for the pointer GroG. I'm going to need all the asists I can get :-)

So here's the second tryat getting a photo up here:


First photo of my InMoov head

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This blog thing is all new to me. Hopefilly this will end up as a photo of my InMoov head and not a link to fliker :-)

Happy Birthaday GroG from all MyRobotLab users :)

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Gael : " When I saw the video of Alessandro, I felt like InMoov had to do something too!!

Thanks Grog for all your help and your kindness!"

First Print - Success !

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RasPi Box being born.... 

Andrew Davidson's Vision-Based User Interface - Programming In Java Book is Online and In Print

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Andrew Davidson has a new book out which utilizes JavaCV and it looks like he covers a variety of topics. In the past I have found his writing entertaing, and backed by small, concise, and working code examples.

InMoov building references

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InMoov Head

My suggested order is :

  1. Neck mechanism
  2. Jaw mechanism
  3. Face Parts (only EyeGlassV3 is needed in order to mount eyes mechanism)
  4. Eyes mechanism
  5. Skull Parts

Parts download :

3D PDFs :

Bhouston's InMoov

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Check out the cool video bhouston did..  Great Build !   We might reconsider Victory geture to be renamed Bird :)

OpenCV ScoreBoard

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      Current OpenCV ScoreBoard

System  Worky/No-Worky Comments tested by borsaci - 

OpenCV + JavaCV + JavaCPP compiled and worky in MRL on RaspberryPi

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UPDATE 01.02.2014

OpenCV optimized on Raspi.. from 1 frame every 30 seconds to 5 fps !! Good Job Grog!!

I'm on the other side Morpheus... I jumped !!!! Now i can bend spoons and avoid bullets :)