Release of the advanced inmoov head

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Hi all. So, im considering releasing my advanced inmoov head for all of you to use if you desire. its not fully finished and to be honest i would need testers to make sure that certain things work as expected. The entire head would have to be reprinted to use my design, and you would need the drupp neck.

Service MotorDualPwm

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Мне нужно управлять платформой на 4 двигателях постоянного тока. Я хочу использовать сервис - MotorDualPwm. При установке пина RightPwmPin сбрасывается на 0. В чем моя ошибка или это ошибка в программе?

Thank you, Marcus, for posting the wheels for Robyn in the Thingiverse. I repeated it and added my printed gearboxes and motor drivers.

Service MotorDualPwm

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I need to operate the platform on 4 DC motors. I want to use the service - MotorDualPwm. When setting the pin, RightPwmPin c is reset to 0. What is my error or is it an error in the program?

"1984 Nixie Time"

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Needed an additional clock for my 2nd fallout shelter, electronics are now operational.

Current Iteration :-

[1] ESP32

[2] Batch of New Old Stock Cold War Nixies.

vinMoov first step

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not bad... learning fast 



positionning all done by the ik engine. I only gives command to moveTo legs and swich the feet put is weight on

FPGA's What are they and should I use one in my robot?

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What are they and should I use one in my robot?


Self-balancing vinMoov

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Now that the IK engine is working like I want. I can add more functionality to it.

I first start with a self-balancing positionning. So every time the vinMoov is ask to move a body part, the ik engine will adjust the rest of his body so the vinMoov can keep is balance (in theory, that will remain to see if it could work with a real inMoov) 

Reviewing IntegratedMovement service

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Some time ago, I had want to add legs to my test model (InMoov) in the IntegratedMovement (IM) service, but find out that something was lacking to work properly. By example, using the jMonkey simulator, when I make the right knee bent, it work fine and raise the foot. but if I also bent the left knee, it would raise the left foot and the robot will appear to be flying, wich is not even close of that will happen with the physical robot. So I need to find a way to make IM model act more in jMonkey to what a real robot will act.