Leap Motion

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Hello guys!


i know leapMotion is not a new service, but i recently had the necessity to use it for some work, and ofcourse MRL was the platform i used!

With alot of help from Kevin i did reach a final script that uses leap to mimic my index finger and moves a servo accordingly.

The script prints all info from all fingers and palm, however i am only using the index from right hand to control the servos (ofc u can control multiple servos).


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moz4r having fun with virtual inmoov :)

Normalize Normalize ! The chaos is the only confusing part !

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Sometimes we need to figure out unecessary complexities, so that we can make things more accessable.

I'm talking about Arduino Board Type.  Something you'd think is very straight forward, yet .. its not.  Not because it can't be, but I think because few have taken the time to make sense of it.

"Board Type" is a general term, but there are potentially 2 things which depend on it.

ESP-Wroom-32 Web Server meets some Nema17 stepper's

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This is a walkthrough on how to control Nema17 Stepper motors using an ESP32 Webserver.

In the example above I am using the local ESP32 webserver to control InMoov's neck screw via a Nema17 stepper motor and 3D printed Gearbox.

Controlling Stepper motors via a Wifi enabled webserver opens up an easy way to control remote devices. The information here shows how this can be done easily and at low cost.

Requirements :-

Add win32com Library

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I'm trying to use the windows TTS in MRL but I don't know if it is possible to add the win32com library.

I've downloaded this file : and put in libraries\jar folder but it didn't work.

under python 2.7 with pywin32, it's quite easy to use windows TTS :


import win32com.client

leap motion

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ive been a bit out of picture but now im back!!! 

Im at the moment trying to use leap motion to control the myrobotlab! does anyone have a clue on how to do it? i know have been done in the past!


Even if it doesnt work anymore with the changes on MRL what is the best way to implement information from an outside source (leap) into maybe the python interface? Could someone throw me a hint <) thanks alot



Harder Better Faster Stronger - Is the InMoov Script Ready ?

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Are we ready to package the latest InMoov script from here 
as part of the build process so they will continue to grow in sync ?

ESP32 Google Maps API

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Here is a quick guide for extracting satellite mapping information via a simple ESP32 Web server.

Requirements :-

(1) Espressiff's ESP-WROOM-32

Aduino strange errors

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I sometimes ( not always ) get some strange errors in the Arduino service.

I think it is some type of timing issue.

Using this little script sometimes reproduce the error.