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my best photo ; P

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GroG, if you look in the bottom right you can see the clear plastic box the sabertooth came in


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PIR - Passive InfraRed Sensor - for motion detection



Speakers - look great, fit perfectly

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I like, wondering about a cover. These are a high quality speaker, a little costly for InMoov maybe, but I wanted to be able to play sound effects through him. $20 each full range


right arm strung, wired and ready for sensor pads

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getting closer!


just the sensor wires hanging

successful servo repair

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I think this servo was bad before I removed the potentiometer, but I never tested it first and so a fix was the only option since a warrenty repair was out of the queston. The problem was one of the brushes was not makeing contact with the power stud. I reinserted it makeing sure I had connection with my meter. Then added a drop of expoxy to hold it in place, now the servo works great. The real test will be life span.