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PS2 motor control

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I am trying to get a ps2 joystick to control a motor through an arduino.
Can you please help ? 
Below is the code on the Arduino.


X-Box 360 controller to 3 motors and 2 servos with mrl to run ROV

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I am building an underwater drone with a gimbled camera, I thought I had the X-Box controller working last night, but today the same code seems to fail. I see I am using pin6 twice opps

Here is a link to a ROV with the same motor setup: 


First Robotics Show

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Wkinne's Upcoming Haunted House Lair

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Wkinne says MRL will be running the show !

link to inverse kinematics attempt for hexapods

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It ran too slow on the arduino when tested so they abandended it. Maybe some here can make use of it or improve it,



Boy Scout Camp Project

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My first thought was a hex-a-pod I would pre-print...




I also considered each Scout making an InMoov head from the neck up, but printing time scares me ;-P

I am told we will have between 20 and 40 Scouts in the class, the goal is something educational and for each Scout to take home a robot. My buget is $180 max per Scout but they would like me to keep it around $120.


conductive finger tips

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these finger tips are made of SS-25 conductive silicone from Silicone Solutions. it is kinda costly, $50 for a 3oz tube which will do both hands and not much else.

when the wire is connected to an analog input on an arduino it senses when it touches anything. you can see the result by simply sticking a wire into an anlog pin and touch it. no ground wire used, so just one wire for each finger tip needs to go out to each hand.