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1.0.56 Gremlins carried over from 1.0.62

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 Ok hating life don't know what I've done but now I can't even get 1.0.56 to work correctly. BUMMER!!!!!

<iframe width="640" height="480" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/84mP3kWSPA4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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InMoov Rob Saying Thanks To His Peeps

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InMoov Rob Saying thanks to all the people that made it possible for him to participate in the Chicago Southside Mini Maker Faire this past weekend we all had a great time and met a lot of nice people.

InMoov Rob was partying

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Rob with the new web cam

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My updated content for Robs Muscleman script. Not real happy with the web cam I just got. Made the video a bit choppy.

Strange Screen

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This screen just started not closing today. If I close it my whole MRL shuts down. It used to shut down right after I would start Mrl.

Any clues Grog??

First Authored Script

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Man I hope there is and easier way to Capture gestures than how I did it.

Trying To Capture Gesture Adventures

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Ok so this doesnt get dropped off because I wish to create a tutorial for others when done here goes.

1. What I am trying to do is set myself up a simple test board at work from which I can practice capturing gestures and scripting.

2. What I have done thus far is hook up a new mega 2560 to my laptop at work. Flashed it with the MRL.COMM.INO In a separate Arduino IDE environment. 

There are no servos attached to the board currently and no external power.

I figure external power is not needed presently as MRL does not know I am running a test board.