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Times change, robots get greater! [OpenCV && GoPro = False]

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So good to be back.
If some remembers me, I joined MRL two years ago in my early days on the university. I was trying to make a Beer Pong Robot ( If anyone is curious about that, the result of that project was, well.. disastrous. The main problem for this is that it was an academic work and we had just a few days to make it work. So between the short time and my team being.. not as enthusiastic as I wished, I coudn't focus as I wanted on the programming. 

The Beer Pong Robot

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Hello everyone!
I've just joined myrobotlab community and I am tending to start right away with projects development. 

A little bit about me: I am from Mexico, so be a little patient with me if a make some gramatical errors. I am currently studying Mechatronics Engineering in the ITESM and I have some previal experience on electronics and manufacturing by some jobs that I had.

And now the fun part, the robot!