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news from Sweety

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Hi everybody,

I'm working to make Sweety printable . You've already saw the new head, here is the new arms and hand :

This part hold the five servos (9g) for the fingers .



WikiDataFetcher !

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Hi everybody,

We have a new service : WikiDataFetcher . This service grab data from wikis website ( for now wikidata )

It's still work in progress, but there is already few functions ( getDescription(), getTime(), getUrl(), etc .. )

wikidata store data by entities with an ID , by exemple, Adam Sandler have the ID Q132952 .

each entity contain several elements :

Sweety V2

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Hello !

Since few weeks, i don't write a lot here, but beware, i watching you !! lol

I'm working on a new design for sweety, since i own a 3d printer, this give me more possibility than cuted plywood ... So i spent a lot of time to draw and to redraw because will have dificulty to print that, and redraw, and ...

I have a 3D printer !!

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I forgot to say you !! My wife offer me a 3D printer three days ago

I'm actually building it !

Sweety love the kinect !

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Here is a little video of Sweety learning the kinect power

A little video of my robot

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Here is a vidéo of "Sweety" . Sorry for the bad quality of the video, there wasn't enough light, and i had to

up the brightness of the video ...




Funny gift ;-)

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Look at what my sister and mother offered me ! It's for salt and pepper And they walk

Finish to stand up to get the salt, it come to me now

New Service For Robot

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Hello GroG,
All good ?
It's done, Eclipse is well installed, and all is ok, i can compile MRL without problem.
can you explain me the next step to create my own service please.
And i've also an other question . I'm trying to make to activate the leds of my robot mouth move while it's speaking.

Don't laugh too much !

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It's really well made, i want one !


News from Sweety

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Hi, here is some news about my robot "Sweety" .

The hands are done (grippers) :

I've made board to connect the servos :

The IDE connector go to the arduino, On the left the two green connectors are for 5V and 6V