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MRLComm over HC-06 Serial Bluetooth link

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So you have a little robot that is based on an Arduino running MRLComm but you really want to cut the USB cord.  Here's what I've done to cut the cord and go wireless via a cheap chinese bluetooth module I picked up on Amazon.

Our robots (and their burnt servos) demand feedback!

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So we've all seen problems with robots moving their motors around with no idea where they actually are and whether or not they're getting into trouble or even doing the right thing.

My ROFI build

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Update: 2014-11-11

Baby Steps.

I just made a short video of ROFI taking some of his first steps (and falls). I used the static walking script as provided by the site and I did not enter any of my own calibration values so it wasn't much of a surprise that it has problems. Also he really needs some cable management.

Update: 2014-10-25

My little Minion bot

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I printed my own little Makerbot Minion a while back and was talking with Grog about making him a very simple Biped to test a Biped MRL service with.  As of now I have to keep him tethered via USB until I work out the power issues I was having.  

Borg Inventory

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Chatting with GroG today it occurred to me that the MRL collective should inventory their various bots and parts so that we can all search for someone that can tell us about their experience with something they have just in case we get or want to get one of our own.  So I'll kick things off with an off the top of my head list and I encourage others to do the same.

MRL on Quad core UDOO

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Update 2014-04-16 Afternoon

Ok after eating lunch and troubleshooting out loud in the shout box I figured it out and made it WORKY!!!

Text to Speech Hack

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These days there are a lot of ways to make a computer talk and having one universal way for MyRobotLab do it would be nice but if you're looking for a hack way of doing it here's an option that doesn't require an active Internet connection but will require some other speech software to be installed on your computer.

I'm using Mac OS X much to Grog's dismay so here's how I'm doing it with 2 lines of Python in MRL.