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Plantoids almost there! $71.00 to go !

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Sorry for the shameless plug, my friends, but if I could ever ask for your aid, it is now. 

Plantoid Deep Dive Research

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Lately I've been able to pick up on Plantoid research, its been great to be able to stretch out in a new shop space and unpack the 'bots, which are in great need of repair and upgrade. 

So far, updates to latest MRL and services seem to be going well, though many services still aren't starting, I haven't been able to keep testing for bugs, as lots of areas need some direct attention there. 

Open Source Beehives need MRL services!

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Lets make a Beehive Service- Automates a beehive with environmental and bee health sensors, and displays the data remotely via geolocated community driven data on a world map.

ROFI Build

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A couple months ago I printed of the pieces for a ROFI biped robot.  I really like the look and feel of it, and believe there could be lots of hacking and expansion potential. 

Giant 3D Printer

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Showing some of our latest work in my shop. This is a MegaMax 3D printer capable of storing a regular sized Reprap printer inside of it. O.o

Yes I'll put some video up of it actually printing, but that's going to be a 20+ hour print...

Here's a three hour video of the first prints on the machine. the model is 100mm tall but it looks so tiny in the giant print bed!

Testing OpenCV filters w/ Custos Mundus' Brain

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This is the IR pattern projected by the kinect as viewed from the NIR webcam on Custos Mundus. 

Pretty cool pattern and an unforeseen touch that made my day when I saw it while testing out filters in OpenCV.